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Corn Flakes: Jason Peter Goes Off

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

CFB Playoff: How Condoleezza Rice, other voters are tracking the chaos | FOX Sports
They're spending the hours watching football, apparently, but you get the idea that this season is going to be insane anyway. There are no clear cut favorites; every team has its flaws.

Bearcats to Big 12? - Down The Drive
In a dark week that Bearcat fans would like to forget (immediately and forever), the rumor mill has provided a beacon of light. There are whispers of a Big 12 expansion that would include the Bearcats.

SEC fines Mississippi, Kentucky after fans storm field celebrating upset victories over Alabama, South Carolina | FOX Sports

The Southeastern Conference has fined Mississippi and Kentucky after their fans stormed the field to celebrate victories.

Honestly, I didn't know this was a thing.

Crowd Noise Controversy Has Somehow Become The Unquestioned Theme Of Louisville-Clemson Week - Card Chronicle
It may not be the controversy anyone expected, but it's the controversy we have.

2014: Post Week Six Bowl Projections - Off Tackle Empire
Welcome to the playoff, Sparty. Welcome to a New Year's Bowl, Brutus. Welcome to the postseason, Northwestern.

Reassessing Big Ten football after six weeks - ESPN
Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg reassesses the Big Ten teams six weeks into the season.

Gopher Football: The Monday Perspective Thinks This is a B1G Game - The Daily Gopher
Well I am really quite pleased that things like life and work got in the way of the Monday Perspective on Monday. Because it has really been an enlightening week of learning about the usage of...

Minnesota is not as good as you've heard - Inside NU
Digging deep into the advanced stats paints a different picture than the narrative.

Minnesota vs. Northwestern: Statistics, The Dangers Of Acting Like Tim Beckman And The Falsity Of Broad Claims About Minnesota - The Daily Gopher
Why you shouldn't utilize Tim Beckman logic, why Northwestern's defense is better than you think, why the broad claims we're reading about Minnesota aren't accurate, and why that still doesn't mean the Gophers will win big (or win at all).

Dantonio: Big Ten's ability to 'turn on a lot of TV sets' helps playoff bid -
Mark Dantonio said Tuesday he believed the TV interest in Big ten teams might help the conference's teams like his draw the interest of the College Football Playoff.

High Five: Most unique concessions |

Runza at #3!

Football key plays, Oct. 7 - Daily Nebraskan: Sports
Student voice of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 1901

Study Hall: Michigan State 27, Nebraska 22 - Football Study Hall
Advanced stats from Michigan State's 27-22 win over Nebraska on Saturday in East Lansing.

Husker Doc Talk " Blog Archive " 2014 Episode 10: This A’int No Nebraska Pipeline

One thing was for sure in last Saturday's loss at Michigan State. The offensive line played... Well, like crap!

Good lord the offensive line was bloody awful.

Jason Peter went OFF on Big Red Wrapup Last night:

You can find a whole slew of quotes and comments on 93.7's John Gaskin's twitter feed.

You can also watch a streamed replay of the show. Jason Peter begins around 26:00 in.

CN Fanposts

Check out the fanposts here - and comment on them. Fanposts are for you to express your opinions!

An Open Letter to the Huskers.....Revised and resent - Corn Nation
An edit of my earlier rant, with clarification as required. After looking back on my earlier observations, some points need exclamation, clarification or revision, or are moot and therefore s...

Tommy Armstrong's Passing Review - Michigan State - Corn Nation
Watching last Saturday's game, nothing was more infuriating than watching our QB completely miss designed quick out passes to receivers. It felt like there were a dozen of them. Well, I went back...

There There's This: