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Bo Pelini: Michigan State D's Clapping Distracted Mark Pelini's Snap Count

Injury news to pass along, but CONTROVERSY galore!!

Gregory Shamus

So, for those that don't have the ability to pay attention to twitter during the Big Ten Coaches Teleconference on Tuesday's, we had some salty stuff come from both Bo Pelini and Mark Dantonio.

First off, the charge from Pelini.

Well, that's one way to do it. Nebraska has been using this ever since the Ohio State game when Braxton Miller went yard on them time after time in 2012. After that, the Huskers have used that clapping start to signal the start of the play, even on the road.

While Bo has a fair point on this, it's also worthwhile to note that Mark Pelini was the one involved in most if not all the bad snaps, including a 4th down that was on the ground that Tommy Armstrong had to cover, and a 2 point conversion that was snapped early, while Armstrong wasn't ready.

When Ryne Reeves was at Center, or Ryker Fyfe took over for a set when Armstrong was out, there wasn't an issue.

My thought: If it was such an issue, why bring it up 3 days later and not during the game when your OL/Center is pointing out the issue?

Dantonio had a response:


In other news that may interest you:

- Kenny Bell and Daniel Davie should be ready to be back in action by the Northwestern game, Pelini said. Both were lost during the game against Michigan State and their presence was sorely needed.

- Tight End Cethan Carter will be out for a few weeks with a injury to his left foot. Carter made the trip to East Lansing but did not suit up.

- Pelini is also hoping Brandon Reilly can make it back very soon. Reilly has had a hamstring issue, and he could help a thinning Wide Receiver depth chart.