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Big Red Cobcast: REMATCH!!!

Whats better than a rematch with Michigan State? Nothing. Listen up and we'll explain why!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska is Rocky Balboa and Michigan State is Clubber Lang.

Nebraska is India and Michigan State is the British Empire.

Nebraska is the good guys the movie 300 was about and Michigan State is whoever the the bad guys were.

In other words, we have them right where we want them. Cocky but with a tinge of fear. We're in their head now. They can still smell Randy Gregory's breath and it smells like blood and human souls. You don't forget that smell. It stays with you, you dream about it and wake up screaming. One day, when they least expect it, they'll walk by a butcher as he slaughters the days wares and the scent will waft under their nose and then they defecate in their skinny jeans, standing helpless in the middle of the sidewalk. That's something heavy. That's what Randy Gregory does to you when he's NOT. EVEN.THERE.

We run the table and then we beat MSU and play Bama in the bowl. Bring it.

In this episode Mike and Ryan talk about the aftermath of Michigan State, Katy Perry's missed opportunities and 'Bama.

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