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Corn Flakes: "No Let Down November" - It's A Theme

Eric Francis

Jon on BTN Live

Click to embiggen. My youngest son's comment - "You look like a serial killer."

I got the chance to appear on BTN Live last night, and one of the questions that BTN host Dave Revsine asked me was where Ameer Abdullah fits in amongst the all-time great Nebraska running backs.

My answer - It's going to come down to what happens in November. You think of all the great running backs we've at Nebraska - too many to list here - and you come to the conclusion that the ones we consider the greatest all won championship, whether they were conference championships or better.

Abdullah has been great, there's no doubt about that. He's fun to watch, he's explosive, he's a great person off the field, and he's got a great story - the guy that was ignored by more high profile programs to become a star running back at a storied program trying to fight it's way back into national relevance.

I wrote yesterday that Nebraska has a chance to have a great season. It's still all in front of them, it's just a matter of getting through November unscathed.

Do that, and Abdullah will be considered one of the greatest running backs in Nebraska history. Don't do that, and Abdullah will be considered a par below the greats. That's not necessarily fair, but that's how we see things: "We" being Americans, not just Nebraska fans. We like winners. We like champions. You could respond with the cliche' that Abdullah is a winner no matter what, but reality is that most athletes are judged by what they do on the field. That's who we are as sports fans, fair or not.

Hence the theme - "No Let Down November". It has to be the one that carries this team to greatness. Abdullah is a big part of that. Give how he's played so far this season, Abdullah might be the key.

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