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CornNation Big Ten Power Poll For Week 10

YOLO Fools.

Justin K. Aller

Well... we tried.


Ty: I really think spinning a wheel would be as effective as anything in choosing.  Nebraska jumps tOSU because… well, they do.  Because the Huskers look better now than three weeks ago, and because Ohio State struggled against Penn State and was ASSISTED by bad officiating.  Other than that, BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, NO WHAMMIE, NO WHAMMIE, STOP! (300 Internets to the first commenter to name that game show)

Ranchbabe: I give up. This conference has officially driven me insane after 4 years. How have some of you watched this thing for 100+?!? Anyway, there seems to be a top tier (I’m giving Wiscy the benefit of the doubt this week). There also seems to be a bottom tier. The middle--I give up. I gave them all 7. Any one of them could probably beat one of the top teams any given week (looking at you NW) and any one of them could lose to one of the bottom teams (looking at you Nittany Lions).

Brian: It really chaps Husker fans asses to cheer for Michigan State to run the table and get to Indy, so that Nebraska can get that big SOS kick if/when they win the Big Ten and get into the playoff, eh? As far as 5-12, throw darts because it’s as scientific as we are.

Andy: Michigan St. is elevated to 1+ for best use of a gratuitous late TD. Since I am not burdened by the same restraints as Coach Dantonio, I will say it. He jammed that TD right up Michigan’s ass and deservedly so. More on them in a minute.

I moved NU to #2 because I decided our loss is much, much better than OSU’s and them getting taken to OT by Penn St. was very unimpressive. Woe to the next Buckeye pushover as they can expect to see America’s Tool, Urban Meyer, leave the 1’s in late again as he fruitlessly attempts to impress the committee.

Wisconsin is starting to get it together at the right time. (Goddammit)

Iowa is at #6 but that’s mostly a testament to just how shitty the conference is this year. Don’t hold your breath on a one loss B1G team sneaking into the playoff. Simply not  happening.

Dropping straight to the bottom at #14, I don’t think people are appreciating enough how Michigan and Brady Hoke are managing to push the FAIL button at every possible turn. I’ll re-use my quote from earlier today over at Maize N Brew in their weekly Coach Power Poll:

"Brady, Brady, Brady. It's like he's actively looking for new ways to embarrass the Blue these days. I swear, if a story broke that he walked into a Golden Corral, declared the Wolverines could win the SEC, then jumped up on a table & pooped on it, I wouldn't even bat an eyelash. Seriously. How was he still employed Monday morning? If RichRod had done anything close to these things, he would have been murdered like Ben Gazarra in Road House."