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Corn Flakes: Have Sex, Perform Better - Who Knew?

David McGee

Arizona vs. Oregon final score: Jones-Grigsby pushes UA past Ducks, 31-24 - Arizona Desert Swarm

Sorry, Pac-12 office.

This was a wonderfully, wonderfully fun game to watch if only because the officiating made it insane. It was like watching soccer - calls you didn't understand, but were arbitrary and resulted in the outcome of the game.

Man who ran on Ohio State field loses scholarship | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

A student who ran onto the field during an Ohio State football game and was body-slammed by a coach is losing his full tuition and housing scholarship amid his court case.

Before y'all cheer that a man doing a stupid thing results in nasty consequences, I'd like to ask - is this really what we want to teach people? Don't do stupid things? Don't take chances? Don't be crazy?

All I see here is the dumbing down of our society. He's already being punished by the court system. I hope this guy goes on to be a brilliant engineer.

Michigan State Spartans CBs make it a bumpy ride for WRs in 'No Fly Zone' - ESPN
Michigan State's dominating defense is unlike any other in college football thanks to its fearless CBs who patrol the No Fly Zone.

Dave Brandon speaks out on ‘mistake’ in Shane Morris controversy - The Michigan Daily

"That’s very hurtful," Brandon said. "Anybody who thinks that they want groups to gather with the topic being criticism and sometimes very personal attacks on the work and the job. It’s hurtful. It’s hurtful to me, it’s hurtful to my family."

Then resign and go off into the night, Dave Brandon, you miserable shit.

I'm not a big fan of people who get paid a lot of money to have high profile jobs, then pull their families into it as a defense when things go wrong. You're being compensated to take fire. If you don't like it, then don't do it.

Dave Brandon breaks silence: "I've been doing things that are frankly more important" - Maize n Brew
Embattled athletic director Dave Brandon broke his silence on Thursday.

How did Michigan Wolverines sink so low? - ESPN
The once-proud Michigan Wolverines are in the news for all the wrong reasons and there's a trail that leads to this point.

Minnesota Not In Big Ten Per Ohio State AD and Greater Columbus Sports Commission - The Daily Gopher
Does this mean we're in the SEC now? Are we eligible for our own TV contract like Notre Dame? It's all so confusing.

POP plays and the pro-style offense - Football Study Hall
Modern option tactics are finding a home in pro-style offenses.

Previewing Michigan State vs. Nebraska: What a Difference a Year Makes (Part II) - Off Tackle Empire
Our writers talk about the conference race, the chance of a playoff berth, and make their pick for the weekend.

Antrel Rolle: Losing virginity helping Prince Amukamara on the field | ProFootballTalk

Over the years, some have espoused the belief that athletes shouldn't have sex in the days before competition because it will sap them of strength that they will need on the field. Giants safety Antrel Rolle doesn't seem to be a believer in that notion.

Hmmm..... This is just. I don't know what it is.

On the stupid side, we can all be males and go hahahahahahah, yes, more sex!

On the serious side, isn't this the same misogynist attitude that gets the NFL in the trouble that it's already in this season?