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OOOOOOOH How 'bout our favorite #4?
OOOOOOOH How 'bout our favorite #4?
David McGee

In Honor of the release of the first ever college football playoff ranking, we present lists of four things, put together by the CN staff:

Top 4 wing sauces - 1 Sparky's of Grand Island, 2 Hooters Daytona, 3 Hooters Medium, 4 BWW Sweet BBQ

Top 4 Food Network chefs- 1) Giada 2) Bobby Flay 3) Pioneer Woman 4) Alton Brown

Top 4 Eminem Songs: 1) The Way I Am 2) Drug Ballad 3) Kim 4) Lose Yourself

Top 4 Hanks: 1) Hank Williams 2) Hank Thompson 3) Hank Hill 4) Hank Aaron

Top 4 Four Horsemen: 1) Ric Flair 2) Arn Anderson 3) Tully Blanchard 4) Barry Windham

Top 4 national burgers: 1) In n Out 2) Five Guys 3) Red Robin 4) Chili's

Top 4 Beers 1)Free 2) Stolen 3) Found 4)Cheap

Because that wasn't good enough, someone else had to come up with this:

Top 4 Beers 1) wheat, 2) Empyrean, 3) Leinie's seasonals, 4) cold

Top Four War Movies of All Time: 1) The Longest Day 2) All Quiet on The Western Front 3) The Best Years Of Our Lives 4) Apocalypse Now

Top 4 John Wayne movies of all time 1) The Searchers 2) True Grit 3) The Shootist 4) Green Berets

Top 4 steaks 1) ribeye 2) sirloin 3) T-bone 4) filet mignon

Top Four Ice Cream Flavors 1) Chocolate 2) Cookie Dough 3) Rocky Road 4) Turtle tracks

Top Four Wrestlers Not to Wrestle for WWE (blame Derek) 1) Sting 2) AJ Styles 3) Samoa Joe 4) Davey Richards

Top Four Pizza Toppings 1) Pepperoni 2) Bacon 3) Extra Cheese 4) Sausage

Top Four Video Game Consoles on the Market at least 12 Months 1) NES 2) Xbox 3) PS3 4) Super Nintendo

Top Four Donuts 1) Jelly-filled 2) Cake donut with chocolate icing 3) Glazed 4) Cinnamon Twist long john

Top Four green Lanterns 1) Hal Jordan 2) Kilowog 3) Abin Sur 4) Kyle Rayner

Top 4 Dumb Ideas in CFB: 1) Punting from your opponent's thirty. 2) Option pitch in your endzone 3) The Playoff Committee 4) The Playoff Committee Weekly Top 25 Rankings

Four best college football teams with directional names: 1) East Carolina 2) Western Michigan 3) Georgia Southern 4) Northern Colorado

Top four things with Thunder in the name 1) Our bunny, Thunder 2) Afro Thunder 80 3) The Broncos' mascot 4) Thunderstruck

Top 4 words that include the word "four*" - 1. Fourtune 2. Fourward 3. Fourth 4. Chlorofourm.

Top Four Victoria's Secret Models  - 1) Heidi Klum 2) Marissa Miller 3) Erin Heatherton 4) Martha Hunt

One map that explains the College Football Playoff -
There's a lot of talk about ESPN-SEC bias these days, but as the 2012 Alabama-LSU ratings taught us, it's actually better for ESPN if the teams are spread out throughout the country. If Oregon and TCU can keep winning, then maybe the map will cover more of the country.

What the selection committee signaled with its initial Playoff ranking
There are four things we can immediately glean from the first College Football Playoff selection committee poll.

The Worldwide Cheerleader: ESPN and the College Football Playoff | Rolling Stone
The Worldwide Cheerleader: Is ESPN pushing a pro-SEC agenda? We'll find out tonight, when the College Football Playoff rankings are revealed.

Chart Party: Heinz Field, where offensive football was killed and reborn in one weekend -
Last weekend, we witnessed one of the greatest performances in football history and one of its grandest catastrophes on the same field. If we can't truly understand it, let's at least discuss it.

The latest on Florida State's Karlos Williams - Tomahawk Nation
Monday, news broke that the Tallahassee Police Department was investigating Florida State running back Karlos Williams for domestic battery. Williams has not been arrested or charged with any crime, but FSU did release a statement regarding the senior.

Jimbo Fisher's defense of Jameis Winston is apparently a recruiting advantage -
Jacques Patrick said it went a long way with his family.

Why don't people want to talk about the North Carolina scandal? -
Less than a week after the release of a report detailing one of the largest and most egregious academic scandals in the history of the NCAA, the sports world appears completely ready to move on. Why?

CRAWFORD | North Carolina's Williams 'sad' over scandal, but it' - WDRB 41 Louisville News

University of North Carolina basketball coach responded to the academic scandal facing the school as "sad" and "painful." But the pain should only be beginning for UNC athletics.

You want to make sure people take the academic side seriously? Give them a test before they can play in the NCAA Tournament, or a bowl game. Everybody takes the same one. You pass, you play. Make public an aggregate list of courses taken by players every semester. There are steps that could be taken without unduly infringing on the rights of students to academic privacy.

What will come of this? Probably next to nothing. Anything as large as the University of North Carolina isn't held accountable anymore. Mark Emmert will huff and puff at some press conference in the future, talk about "student athletes" while all the while padding his pockets and not give a single damn that a major university cheated its own students out of an education.

The Acrostical, Week 9: The value of staying angry forever -

Gary Patterson demands 83 points next time, Cal football is the most entertaining fire department ever, and you are the next to fail at trying to tackle Josh Robinson.

NCAA's Mark Emmert hopes members revisit rule on autographs
In light of the issues that have sidelined Georgia running back Todd Gurley and prompted questions about Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, NCAA President Mark Emmert told USA TODAY Sports the next calendar year is a "good time to have a discussion" about whether the current rules related to college athletes and autographs are still proper.

Why The College Football Playoff Rankings Don't Matter - Hammer and Rails
More rankings but do they really matter?

David Brandon: "I Suggest You Find A New Team" | mgoblog
Ace Anbender contributed to this report. A few weeks ago, one of our users posted a fuzzy picture of an email purporting to be from one David Brandon: We were already trying to confirm or dis-confirm the authenticity of this when Keith Olbermann's show presented it as a fact we're reporting.

Alumni React to Lower Football Student Ticket Prices | Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
The Michigan Alumni Association .... check the comments. Why is Dave Brandon still employed there?

Nebraska Football

Bosworth: 'I Wish We Still Had' NU-OU Rivalry | Hail Varsity
Brian Bosworth spoke with Hail Varsity Radio about his career & the greatness of the NU-OU rivalry ahead of the debut of ESPN's 30 for 30, Brian and the Boz

Big Ten coaches not feeling College Football Playoff rankings hype - ESPN
Nebraska's Bo Pelini, Michigan State's Mark Dantonio and Ohio State's Urban Meyer say they don't plan on watching the playoff rankings show.

News and notes from Nebraska's Tuesday practice
Quick hits, news and notes from Tuesday's practice as Nebraska gets ready to host Purdue later this week.

Huskers Gearing up for Purdue - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Lincoln, Neb.- The Nebraska football team continued its preparations for its Saturday afternoon Big Ten West showdown with the Purdue Boilermakers

Tale of the Tape: Rutgers | Hail Varsity
Reviewing the film from Nebraska's win over Rutgers with help of a former college football coach.

Purdue at Nebraska: Hazell And Pelini Quotes - Hammer and Rails
Coaches Pelini and Hazell spoke with the media before Saturday's game.

Purdue at Nebraska: Depth Charts! - Hammer and Rails

No real movement this week coming off of a bye.

Check this out for some comments on Purdue players.