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Cobs of the Week (10/25): Phil Steele, Kyle Flood, Pitt, Big Ten Replays, Michigan, Chris Fowler, Hugh Freeze, and LSU Fans

Guess that wasn't such a good idea after all...
Guess that wasn't such a good idea after all...
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of those weeks where we have no end of candidates to consider, so we're throwing them all down and letting you vote on who is the worst of the weekend in college football. And yes, you can only vote for one.

Phil Steele

Before we even got to Saturday, college football's leading expert dropped a stinker when he inexplicably nominated Jake Cotton to his second-team midseason all-Big Ten team. Maybe he was watching some of last year's highlights.

Kyle Flood

After Nebraska pinned Rutgers on their own 2 yard line with a minute to go before halftime, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to beat the lines on the concourses. Rutgers is going to run a couple of safe plays and head to the locker room to regroup, right?


Nope. Ignoring what Nebraska's defensive line had been doing to the Rutgers offense throughout the second quarter, he decided to force the issue in what would best be described as a high-risk, low-reward situation. He puts Nova into the shotgun and tries to spread the field.  As I descended the steps down to the concourse, I figured Nebraska was going to get a safety.  If only Rutgers had been so lucky, as Maliek Collins got a hold of Rutgers quarterback Gary Nova and sent him to the turf one way, but with his knee and lower leg going another way. Nova didn't return to the game, and most people who saw the injury will be shocked if he plays again this season.


Tied an NCAA record with five first-quarter fumbles.  In one pathetic five minute stretch, they fumbled the ball away on four out of six SNAPS.

(via ESPNU)

Big Ten Replay System

Everybody watching on TV saw it otherwise...but thanks to a B1G malfunction, this actually became an Ohio State interception.

The official explanation was that there was a malfunction in the production truck at the start of the game, and thus, the review booth didn't have access to any of the game cameras other than a single overhead camera. So the booth couldn't see what everybody else in America could.  (BTW, just who was televising this game again?)


The Weasels tried to motivate themselves prior to kickoff by driving a stake into the grass at Spartan Stadium.

One can only wonder how much worse Michigan State would have beaten Michigan without that extra motivation.

Chris Fowler

On GameDay, Chris Fowler went on a rant against "stupid, uniformed stuff " about the notion of SEC bias at ESPN.

"They think that it's a good idea that we love the idea that all of these teams from one little region control the balance of power at the moment in college football. That's great for the SEC. It's great for the SEC Network. It's great for CBS."

Of course, what Fowler doesn't acknowledge is Bo Pelini's point...and that is that ESPN owns and operates the SEC Network, which raises the concern that although ESPN may be adamant that it's in ESPN's best interests that everyone is treated equally, SEC schools are in position to be treated "more equal than others."

Fowler's predecessor on the Saturday Night ABC broadcasts then went on to basically spear Fowler's argument about concerns about bias that night.

Here's the thing with Fowler. When someone raises concerns about your bias, don't resort to name-calling in response. Make sure your work, and the work of your associates is free of bias. Like it or not, the business decision of ESPN to take a more involved role with the SEC than they have with every other network raises a concern when that network plays a greater role than every other network in influencing the opinions in college football.

Fix yourself first, and make the concerns of others moot.

Hugh Freeze

Ole' Miss is trailing by 3 with the ball at the LSU 25 with 9 seconds left facing a 3rd & 2, Freeze changes his mind and sends his kicker out with  15 seconds left on the play clock. Of course, they can't get the kick off, and take a delay penalty.

So with Ole Miss now facing a 3rd & 7, he sends Bo Wallace out, who throws a game sealing pick.  Game ovah.

LSU Fans

Rushing the field for beating 'Ole Miss?  Seriously?