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You Don't Know Faux: The Faux Pelini Interview

The Big Red Cobcast guys interviews the twitter celeb, Faux Pelini. Do we reveal his identity? Does he blow up in a fit of rage? Is it really Tom Osborne? You'll have to listen to find out!

Eric Francis

Alright, the usual rhetoric  that I  write is out the window this week. Why? Because we have something different. We have something SPECIAL We had the privilege of interviewing Faux Pelini. Honestly, a guy that pretends to be something he's not, is right up our alley.

There's big news around the Big Red Cobcast office too! We did a little tinkering with our interview machine AND WE FIXED IT! So not only did we talk about who would win a fight between Steve Sipple and Kirk Herbstreit BUT IT SOUNDS GOOD TOO! YOU CAN HEAR AND UNDERSTAND IT! What are some of the other things you might hear? Well funny you should ask that... We talk about Runzas vs. Valentinos and we imagine a scenario where Bo meets Faux at a mall.

The first half of the podcast is Joe Canale (whom you will see soon on "The Mindy Project"), Bob Wiltfong (Who you may know from "The Daily Show" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and Ryan Tweedy (who was an extra on a Tru TV show that he never watched but heard you can see his left shoulder) talk about the Rutgers game and the Purdon't squad coming into Lincoln next week.

The second half is The Faux Pelini interview and it's everything you hoped it would be.

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