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#HOTTAKES Requested: Your Opinions Wanted

The first report from the College Football Playoff committee launches next Tuesday. Will the Playoff actually make us happy?

We want your opinions!
We want your opinions!
David McGee

This season, college football's post-season is getting a significant revamp, replacing the Bowl Championship Series with the College Football Playoff. This will be the fourth system used for crowning a national champion since the beginning of college football.

With the uncertainty of how this system will succeed, we here at Corn Nation thought it would be worth asking the question of what exactly we the fans are looking for when it comes to a national champion. With your responses, we hope to get a clear idea of the real issues facing any post-season options employed by NCAA's highest division of college football. We may also be able to assess, based on current evidence, whether or not the latest system will meet the average fan's needs.

To find out, we've drawn up the following survey. If you can't see it below, here's a link.

You'll find a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. (I apologize in advance if this brings you back to your college days.)

We will keep the survey open until Monday, October 27th, 2014 at 7pm Eastern Time. We will then analyze our results and share that with you all over the following days.

For any that are interested, we will also make the data available to any and all who request it.

Thanks for helping us out! Please share with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who may enjoy college football as much as we do. The more responses we get, the more representative of the data.

CRITICAL NOTE: If you took this survey before 5:45pm ET on October 22, 2014, please re-take the survey.