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Corn Flakes: We Have A Quarterback Who Cares!

Jonathan Daniel

Mack Brown's First 1-On-1, In-Depth Interview Since Leaving the Sidelines | sportsglutton


Will Muschamp must hate Jeff Driskel. He must hate offense so much that he couldn't even support his own team's attack, and chose to play all-time defensive coordinator for both teams like a bored video gamer.



Maryland vs. Wisconsin: Terrapins' offense Q&A with Testudo Times' Alex Kirshner - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Testudo Times' Alex Kirshner helps us preview the Terrapin's offensive weapons and keys to Saturday's match-up.

On Harbaugh, Brandon, And Other Such Things | mgoblog
ALL RIGHT, PEOPLE. We are probably embarking on a coaching search in the near future and also probably embarking on an AD search in the near future. When these things happen I get buckets of insider information from provenances both dubious and legit, and at some point they cross the threshold where I think they're useful to relate.

Column: Devin Gardner takes all the hits for being the quarterback, racism should never be one of them - Maize n Brew
Devin Gardner has given his all the University of Michigan. That doesn't stop people from spewing pure hatred toward him.

Maryland football news and notes: Terps' pivotal stretch starts with Wisconsin - Testudo Times
Maryland faces down a crucial five-game stretch, and details on recent success of Andre Monroe, Yannick Ngakoue and Jacquille Veii.

Study Hall: Minnesota 39, Purdue 38 - Football Study Hall
Advanced stats from Minnesota's 39-38 win over Purdue on Saturday in Minneapolis.


Hoops season is less than a month away. Previews are a' comin'.

I admit I am not the greatest basketball guy around, but I'll do my best to keep the flakes going strong during hoops season.

Elijah Thomas commits to Texas A&M - The Champaign Room

Illini target Elijah Thomas has given a verbal commitment to Texas A&M

I don't follow recruiting in basketball any more than I do in football, but I do notice that Illinois continues to lose out on recruits left and right. This is good. More for us.

Rutgers Basketball Preview: It's Time to Invest In Hoops - On the Banks
Give basketball a chance to survive and thrive.

Maryland basketball media day round-up: New-look Terps excited for season - Testudo Times
Coach Mark Turgeon and the team addressed the media today at the Xfinity Center. We bring you the best of the best from all of the action.

Nebraska Football

Uh... news flash to Taylor Martinez and.. Ron Kellogg III?

Maybe it's just a hat tip to Tommy Armstrong Jr, and maybe it's picking nits, but you'd think that if Kenny Bell wasn't taking a shot at those guys that he'd pick his words more carefully.

2014: Post Week Eight Bowl Projections - Off Tackle Empire

Citrus Bowl Nebraska v. Auburn

I like this match up. I hope we get a SEC team to play postseason, one way or another.

Bowl Subdivision Rankings
Nebraska at #13.

Tale of the Tape: Northwestern | Hail Varsity

Reviewing the film from Nebraska's win over Northwestern with the help of a former college football coach.

Givens Price turned good practice into great play on Saturday
Backup offensive tackle Givens Price turned strong practice into great performance against Northwestern.

Rutgers’ Justin Goodwin, Desmon Peoples remain in running back timeshare
PISCATAWAY >> Following Rutgers’ most rushing success in the Big Ten, head coach Kyle Flood has no plans to change up its formula or name a starter in the backfield.

Husker Doc Talk " Blog Archive " 2014 Episode 12: Offensive Line Adjustments and Rutgers
In this episode, Dr. Rob discusses the offensive line adjustments the Huskers made for the Northwestern game and the dividends because of them.

Reviewing 6 college football coaches who could've been fired -

After his athletic director shocked the world by retaining him, Pelini has returned the favor. He began by embarking on a goodwill tour of sorts, complete with cats at the spring game, tweets with his internet doppelganger, and practical jokes on his team.

UNL | Nebraska Lectures | sponsored by the UNL Research Council, Office of the Chancellor and the Office of Research and Economic Development

2015 NFL draft Big Board 2.0: Marcus Mariota leads the way - NFL -

The 2015 NFL draft is shaping up to be a compelling one, in large part because there is not a clear-cut top dog this season.

Randy Gregory is #2 on's NFL draft board. Ameer Abdullah is the second running back on their board at #25, with Todd Gurley of Georgia at #4.

Randy Gregory needs another year, methinks. He needs to be more effective against the run, and he's looking a little ragged at times. Or.. maybe I'm just selfish and want another year of him in Husker red.


Photo: Alex Gordon featured on World Series Game 1 program " Big Ten Network

Nebraska fans will love this: Alex Gordon is on the cover of the World Series Game 1 program.

Look! A MLB link!

Photo Gallery: Baseball Red vs White G3-in costumes 10-21-18 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Baseball Red vs White G3-in costumes 10-21-18

The Athletic Department Sent out the following release following the scrimmage:

Lincoln - In a game that saw Bo Pelini (Blake Headley) play third base and a yellow teletubby (Wes Edrington) hit a home run off the left-field foul pole, the Red squad got a walkoff bases-loaded single by the White Power Ranger (Nathan Chunn) in the bottom of the sixth inning that gave the Reds a 5-4 win and a 2-1 series win in the annual Red-White Series.

On the second pitch of the game Edrington blasted a two-run homer off the left field foul pole to give the Whites a 2-0 lead. They added a run later in the inning for a 3-0 lead. The Reds would respond with a pair of runs in the bottom of the first to make it a 3-2 game.

Edrington led off the third and reached on an error. After moving to third base, he scored on an RBI by the Blue Power Ranger (Tanner Lubach).

Trailing 4-2, the Reds cut the deficit to one run in the bottom of the fourth when the Red Power Ranger (Taylor Fish) scored on a fielding error.

With the series on the line and down to their final at bat, the Reds were quickly down to their final out after the Green Power Ranger (Jake Schleppenbach) and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man (Steven Reveles) were reach retired to start the inning. Headley started a two-out rally when he was hit-by-pitch and then moved into scoring position on a base hit by a farmer (Scott Schreiber). Fish drove in the game-tying run with a base hit and then a piece of bacon (Jake Meyers) was hit-by-pitch to load the bases. With two outs, Chunn stepped in and lined a single into left field for the game winning RBI.

The Huskers now enter Winter Conditioning in preparation for the 2015 season. Nebraska opens the 2015 campaign with a three-game series against UNLV in Las Vegas, with the season opener set for Friday, Feb. 13.