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Practice Report: 15 Blackshirts Awarded... One Not Worn?

Not only did the Blackshirt practice jerseys return, but other tidbits came from Tuesday's workout.

Jon Johnston

We thought it would be your normal Tuesday practice for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, however there was something special about today that folks found at the beginning of practice.

That didn't take long, did it?

Coming off the heels of a second half shutout and dominating Defensive performance against the Northwestern Wildcats this past Saturday, Bo Pelini and John Papuchis felt that players deserved the Blackshirt treatment during the workout on Tuesday.

By many counts, a total of 15 Blackshirts were handed out to members of the D. Those that got them and wore them were as follows:

DL: Randy Gregory, Vincent Valentine, Maliek Collins, Greg McMullen, Kevin Williams

LB: Trevor Roach, Zaire Anderson, David Santos

DB: Corey Cooper, Nate Gerry, Josh Mitchell, Daniel Davie, Jonathan Rose, Byerson Cockrell, Joshua Kalu.

One name that didn't appear on the listing?

However, we found out that it wasn't a coaches decision on Banderas, but a Banderas decision.

The Huskers went at it for about 2 hours on & around the Gass Practice Facilities and the Hawks Championship Center in preparation for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Saturday.