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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Wins The Battle For NU

Noah Johnston

Florida must fire Will Muschamp — and the sooner, the better - Alligator Army

It is no longer acceptable.

The Gators got slaughtered by Missouri the week after Mizzou got annihilated by Georgia. It's only a matter of time. If you happened to be on twitter Saturday, you would have seen a lot of pain from @edsbs.

Reports: Decision on Will Muschamp's future yet to be made; Florida coach to go recruiting - Alligator Army
Will Muschamp might get just a little more rope with which to hang his job.

The Rebs are Still on top of our SEC Power Poll Ballot - Red Cup Rebellion
Where do we rank the Southeastern Conference's fourteen members after two months of football?

Arkansas vs Georgia Box Score Breakdown: Everything Hurts - Arkansas Fight
Things didn't go well for Arkansas in the Rock. But you aren't getting better if you aren't learning. What can we learn?

Why the SEC Brand Matters - Team Speed Kills
The poll action this week shows how all of the chants have been worth it.

Iowa's first trip to Maryland went badly...really, really badly.

THE TAKEAWAY: MARYLAND - Black Heart Gold Pants
Sure, Iowa just dropped a tough road battle to Maryland, 38-31. But how much do we really know? What was really important about losing to the Terrapins? What does it all mean, Basil? The Takeaway has the answer.

Michigan State and Ohio State battle for the Big Ten East, while Nebraska looks to have the inside track on the Big Ten West, despite Minnesota still being 3-0.

The Big Ten in Review, Week 8: Strengths, Weaknesses and Rutgers (finally!) - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Let's delve into some numerology and public health initiatives after Wisconsin's bye week.

The rise of the deep threat slot receiver - Football Study Hall
How spread teams are using their slot receivers to run vertical routes and mimic classic football tactics.

Drive-Based Quarterback Analysis - Football Study Hall

Combining drive-based statistics with the individual performance of quarterbacks provides a better sense of a player's skill, production, and value.

Why J.T. Barrett for Heisman isn't such a stretch after all - Land-Grant Holy Land
Sure, the responsible thing to do here would be to preach caution. But where is the fun in that?

To the victor go the spoils, but Michigan isn't thinking about playing the spoiler just yet - Maize n Brew
"It's about us," senior quarterback Devin Gardner told reporters on Monday.

Football Five Factors: Finished - The Only Colors
Joe takes a look at an impressive showing by the Spartans

Unverified Voracity Can't Find Darrell | mgoblog
Oh no. This is is getting passed around various message boards: 45-34-31-28-21-20-17-14-12-6 This isn't Brady Hoke's luggage combination (we know what that is). It's the number of points Michigan has scored against MSU over the last decade. It goes in one direction. Oh. Brady Hoke says coaches can sometimes tinker a bit too much in bye weeks.

Week 8 Players of the Week! - Off Tackle Empire
So here's the deal. For the greater part of the first 35 minutes or so of game time, Northwestern did what Michigan State did to Abdullah. They clogged lanes, manhandled the line, and made things difficult for the does-everything back from Nebraska to get going. Sure, he had a TD in the first half, but most of us were wondering what was going on. In the second half, he showed what can happen if he gets a crease, and a four TD, 146 yard performance is just another chapter in his legacy at Nebraska.

Week 9: Rutgers travels to Huskerland - On the Banks
After a tough matchup at the Horseshoe, Rutgers plays in another tough venue.

Big Ten Travel Guide: Lincoln, NE for Rutgers @ Nebraska - On the Banks
Lots of good and interesting food and music in Lincoln. We've got the inside scoop on what's happening if you're heading west for the Rutgers-Nebraska game.

By the numbers: Northwestern's 38-17 loss to Nebraska - Inside NU
The offense probably doesn't want to look at their stats against the Huskers.

Northwestern's aversion to the run - Inside NU
If the Wildcats aren't going to throw the ball downfield, they have to be calling more run plays.

Northwestern's goal line struggles on offense - Inside NU
Northwestern's failure at the end of the first half

BT Powerhouse's Top 25 Big Ten Players: #25-21 - BT Powerhouse

25. Walter Pitchford (89 points)

Big Ten basketball season is inching closer!

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Battle for NU Cartoon Noah Johnston

Battle for NU Cartoon

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