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Bo Pelini Weekly News Conference (10/20/14): Concerned about the ESPN/SEC Relationship

Jonathan Daniel

This morning, the Big Ten Conference and ESPN announced that the game time for Nebraska's November 1 game against Purdue won't be announced until next Sunday, utilizing one of the "6 day windows".  So keep your tailgating and watch party plans fluid.

This week's game against Rutgers will be on ESPN2 at 11 am. (We already knew the time, just didn't know the channel...)

Bo Pelini opened his weekly press conference by expressing relief that the run of five straight night games is over. Not sure the fans agree, though.

Pelini should be quite familiar with Northwestern after playing them the last three years, so it makes sense to spend a little time during a bye week taking a peek at the new guy on the schedule.

The following quote won't go unnoticed by ESPN commentators... (I'm thinking PAAAAWWWWWWWWLLLLLLL just dedicated an entire segment to this one...)

Players also spoke at the press conference as well...