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Twitter Recap: Black 41 Flash Reserve, Talking Mascots and Faux Pelini goes to Northwestern

fear the zombie fro?
fear the zombie fro?
Jonathan Daniel

Northwestern is naturally more cat friendly than Fresno State.

Josh Mitchell has some sage advice for all of us.

Faux Pelini released his watch list.

Faux Pelini wondered how ‘gothic’ things would get on Saturday night.

Johnny Stanton loves comic book characters getting their own movies.

Husker athletes are excited Chik-fil-A is coming to Lincoln.

Amber Rolfzen thinks the world needs more talking mascots.

Faux Pelini sets things straight with Tim Miles.

Faux Pelini sent threats to Northwestern football if they dared to clap.

Faux Pelini asks Twitter some personal questions.

Faux Pelini brought the party to Evanston this week.

Northwestern honored RK3 in his visit to Evanston this week.

TWOS was on a roll during the game.

And Faux Pelini tweeted live from the game.

Nebraska did not need the services of RK3 on Saturday.

Husker football players gave a shout out to the fans after the game.

Meanwhile DeMornay Pierson-El pays homage to Eric Crouch.

Coach Miles goes to a Jaguars game and the Jaguars win. Coincidence?

Givens Price invents a new dance move.

Faux Pelini is trying to find new ways to keep Nebraska’s punt returner happy.

And last but not least I leave you with three quality tweets.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s assortment of tweets. Vote for your favorite one below. Here is last week's Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!