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Cobs of the Week: Baylor, Idiots on Twitter, Florida, and Northwestern's Groundskeepers

Rob Foldy

Thanks to Brian for pitching in on the Cobs the last couple of weeks, though truth-be-told, it's a team effort by the entire CornNation staff. My job is mainly to assemble everything that comes in from the group and throw it out to you to vote for the worst of the weekend in college football.  So that means that my internet provider or Nebraska 2nd district congressman Lee Terry aren't eligible for this.

But these are:


Last week, the Bears were ready to crash the college football playoff. This week, they couldn't get out of their own way.

Or another way to look at it: Baylor had 318 total yards of offense.

College Football "Fans" Tweeting at Players Having an Awful Day

I personally don't follow any players on Twitter (high school or college), but I know many do. We constantly remind folks to not tweet at players Nebraska is recruiting, as it's an NCAA violation.  Now, we have to remind you not to tweet at players who had a bad day. Believe me, the players are more upset about it than you. And when you tweet garbage like this, you only make yourself look like a complete (expletive).  Here are just two examples; they aren't isolated.


Missouri had 119 yards of offense and seven (COUNT THEM!) first downs...and still beat Florida 42-13.  How could that happen?  Two touchdowns on defense and two more on special teams were the difference, but still...  That's a special type of ineptitude.

Northwestern's Groundskeepers

I was in Chicago early last week, and can personally attest to the amount of rain that fell last week.

But the sun came out on Friday, so there really wasn't much of an excuse to have a football field in that poor of shape. Thank goodness nobody appeared to be seriously injured Saturday night.