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Corny Kickoff Poetry Goes Gothic

Gothic-themed, madlibs-generated, corny kickoff poetry gets crowd-sourced. Poet laureate nominations are sure to follow.

Oh, Northwestern! What have 'ye wrought?

I asked for Madlibs submissions. Y'all came though in a big way with 27 submissions to my mad-libs poetry request. It was much more than I expected and I had to create a couple of new templates to add a little variety. I explored the most heart-wrenching subjects in recent Husker football history including conference championship games, the angst over top recruits preferring millions in professional baseball, and the long championship drought.

The underlined words in each poem are what you submitted. The order is the same for each of the three templates, so you can take your madlibs and stick them into one of the other poems. If you do that, put it in the comments.

Bonus! Below are a couple of ranchbabe originals (with the help of a tool called the Goth-O-Matic) tweaked to be football-related.

what you have done

what have 'ye wrought?
a second put back in a shadowy cloud on the clock.
once we experienced Suh,
glad-hearted and McCoy in hand,
but your heart perished.
a painful morass of ‘almost'
emotions follow field goal, follow memory,
quarterback ground to dust.
in a pass rush of vengeance,
i still believe.

Comeback falls short

the ball flies toward the end zone with no sound,
fearful Spartan crowd waits and watches.
the reach could make us victors
touched, then bounces,
crushed by this deep chasm we dug,
all hope to sicken and die.
kept by a small spark of life.
how could you fail to believe?
our dark emotions surround us,
we look for a rematch.