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Submit Your Kickoff Poetry Madlibs

You, the CN community get to help Ranchbabe with this week's corny kickoff poetry. We are creating gothic, football poetry (in honor of NW's alternate uni's). And we are doing it madlibs style.

Gregory Shamus

Do you remember that game "Madlibs"? You are asked to provide a list of words, a noun, fruit, verb, etc. Then your words are put into the blanks in a story you did not see before submitting your choices. Hilarity ensues.

Ranchbabe is trying a little experiment this week and y'all get to be my laboratory. Mixing gothic poetry, mad libs, and CN members. Nothing could possibly go wrong here, could it?

Your category is football and the style is gothic. You know, doom, gloom, despair and "woe is me". We should be awesome at this Husker fans! The final article will go up Friday evening. Make sure to get your submission in before then!