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Bo Pelini Weekly News Conference Recap: The Injured Are Healing

Eric Francis

Prior to Bo Pelini's weekly news conference, ESPN announced that the Huskers game against Rutgers will be kick off at 11 am central time, though the network (ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU) won't be determined until next weekend. BTN has announced that Kevin Kugler and former Minnesota and Kansas coach Glen Mason will be the announcers for this weekend's game against Northwestern.

Immediately following the NU/NW broadcast, BTN will premiere a new documentary on former Nebraska quarterback Brook Berringer.  Here's a promotional clip:

I expect sales of Kleenex to skyrocket throughout the state of Nebraska in preparation for this one.

Back to the press conference, Bo Pelini announced that many of the Huskers who missed all or parts of the game against Michigan State will be ready to go. Kenny Bell, Daniel Davie, Marcus Newby, and Brandon Reilly are ready to go for the game against Northwestern, while linebacker David Santos has a good chance of playing as well. Tight end Cethan Carter is still out.

Also, he went into what he observed since the end of the Michigan State game.

At Northwestern's press conference, NW head coach Pat Fitzgerald joked about his plans to defend another Hail Mary situation, should it arise again.

Fitzgerald also noted a major injury for his squad...

Back to Pelini, he thought the bye week was a little long. (Bye weeks after losses have a way of being that way...)