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Cobs Of The Week: Defense In Waco, B1G Officiating, Maty Mauk

Our choice of DERP is wide, inflammatory and not hiding from anyone this week.

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Hello there. I know, Husker Mike is the guy who normally does the Cobs of the Week, however I get to do them again. A special Cob comes from Mike to his internet provider who is giving him the run around. He is hoping that he will be ready to go next weekend.

There is no true rhyme or reason for this week's voting criteria. There are many teams and Conferences that share the derp this week. It's up to you to vote for the winner. Let us take a look at the nominees...

The Theory Of Defense In The TCU/Baylor Game

I understand that it was a exciting game at McLane Stadium in Waco this weekend. But, my goodness, the numbers alone were insane. Some tweets I had Saturday night..

Other things....

- Baylor was down 58-37 after a 49 yard Pick 6 by Marcus Mallet on Bryce Petty. In the last 11:38 of the game, TCU was outscored 24-0. 
- The first lead by Baylor in the game? When Chris Callahan kicked the game winner for Baylor. 
- Both teams combined were 11 for 11 in Red Zone chances.

I've said that Phil Bennett is the reason that Art Briles will not win a National Title at Baylor. I'm going to hold to my statement on that but also say that lack of D could have cost TCU the backdoor win of the Big 12 also.

Dave Witvoet And His Big Ten Officiating Crew

Dave Witvoet was the Referee in the Michigan/Penn State contest this weekend. So why does his crew get a Cob nomination? Well... lets just say they blew it. Badly.

I have zero investment in that game, and that's not offsides. Blown call was blown.

UCLA's Defensive Coordinator Meltdown.

Oregon got back on track vs. UCLA. But it came at the cost of UCLA Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich flipping out on his boss, HC Jim Mora Jr.

Fredo... I knew it was you that let Marcus Mariota back in the Heisman race, Fredo.

Miami Home Game Attendance

Yes, it's a running joke, however, against Cincinnati yesterday...


This is Dade!!! #canes #TheU #miami #305 #dadecounty

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Nebraska visits South Beach on September 19th, 2015. The amount of Nebraska fans will not only outnumber the home folks, but will be amazing to see.

Maty Mauk vs. Georgia.

The Bulldogs just lost Todd Gurley, their Heisman frontrunning Running Back, to some issues with signing stuff for money and all that. So they went to Columbia and such with the SEC East on the line vs. Missouri. What happened?

34-0. Georgia wins. And it wasn't that close. The Tigers had less than 150 yards of total offense. And the main culprit of the suckfest for Mizzou was their Sophomore QB Maty Mauk. The same man who led them to a Cotton Bowl win last year went out and charbroiled a nice little line of 9 for 21 for 97 yards, 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Nasty game for the Tigers, but it's a QB centric offense, so Mauk gets the cob nomination.

Clemson Storming The Field... After Beating Unranked Louisville?

Okay, let us get this out of the way first. Clemson should have at the very least allowed the Cardinal to tie. Will Gardner got the Cards to the Clemson 8 with 1:08 left in the game. However, the Clemson D kept Louisville out of the end zone to close out the game. That all being said, Clemson was favored by 9 points at kickoff and Clemson was ranked #25 while Louisville wasn't this week.

So... Clemson felt the urge to storm the field after the game? Yes, they did.

Now, to be fair, Clemson's QB picture is a bit murky after losing DeShaun Watson for at least a month with a hand injury. So maybe they felt like they stole one there. But, come on Clemson.... you are better than that. At least do it when you shut Spurrier up.