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Staff Predictions for Week 7

Insightful analysis from the CornNation staff. Get your autographs now in case our broker rats us out and we're suspended next week.

Gregory Shamus

With the Huskers on bye, we have to look elsewhere for our football fix this weekend. The CN staff brings you their predictions for week 7. Will chaos and mayhem pick up where it left off last weekend?

Jon: Week 7, and you'd think we'd have a handle on the season. No. There is no handle on this season. There are no great teams, no elites. There is only chaos and mayhem, and it will remain that way through the rest of the season. Make predictions? Might as well disembowel an animal and examine its entrails; at least you'd appear more mystical in your approach and while people might find it disgusting they'll always watch in the same way they can't help slowing down to look at car accidents.

Brian: Y'all probably thought we forgot about this. No way in hell did we forget this stuff. All I know is that since I live near Arlington, the week before the title game should be good for my property taxes.

#13 Georgia at #23 Missouri (+3)

Jon: No Todd Gurley? Doesn't matter. Mizzou lost to Indiana for crying out loud and Georgia is supposed to have hot running back recruits to back up Todd Gurley. It's not like Georgia will be in disarray - don't they release or suspend a guy every other week down there? Georgia 35, Missouri 21

Ty: Missouri doesn't deserve to be in the Top 25 after losing to Indiana. How are they 23 and we're 21? Our loss was on the road to a top 10 team. UGH. Anyway, Georgia oughta be too good for the tiggers in this one. 31-17 UGA

Brian: I can't see Georgia winning this game with no Gurley. I mean, they do have young talent behind Todd at RB, but at the same time, this suspension came down at the end of their prep week. You can't tell me that anyone but Gurley saw reps with the 1's anytime before Thursday. Along with distractions and such, and traveling.. no chance. Mizzou here. That all being said.. if Georgia wins, it just proves the SEC West is not better than the Big 12 or Big Ten East.

Ranchbabe: Hypothetical question...if this whole mess results in Georgia having to consider Gurley ineligible in past games, will ESPN think Nebraska was even less deserving of last season's bowl win over the Dawgs than they did before? You know, since Jawja technically was playing without Gurley too? My head hurts. UGA 27 Mizzou 24

Indiana at Iowa (-3)

Jon: The team with no defense against a team with no offense. In the olden days, you'd always go for a team with a better defense. Not now. The rules are so skewed towards offense that you have to score points to win. I'll take Indiana just because I want to see whether or not Iowa will ever fire Kirk Ferentz. Indiana 35, Iowa 21

Ty: So glad I'll be line judging JV volleyball most of the day, it's a convenient excuse to not watch this tire fire. Can I pick a three way tie? CFB fans 0, Hawkeyes 0, Hoosiers 0? No? Okay, then Hoosiers 17, Hawkeyes 14

Brian: Indiana can score. And I don't think that Iowa can play really good D when against a Offense like this. Give me the Hoosiers but don't tell the folks in Bloomington cause no one cares.

Ranchbabe: Iowa has been playing with fire all season long--and not in a good way. Now, Ferentz's vendetta against offense includes trotting out 2 meh quarterbacks. Greg Davis has been waiting to revolutionize college football with both of them (protected by 9 linemen of course) throwing the ball horizontally back and forth across the field to each other until Kevin Wilson's head explodes. Either Iowa wins by 2 or Indiana wins by 3 scores. Flip a coin.

#2 Auburn at #3 Mississippi State (+3)

Jon: I'm missing something because I don't see Auburn as that great a team. Miss State, OTOH, is everyone's darling, if by everyone you mean everyone that believes in everything SEC. That's all of us, isn't it? If not, and you admit it, you can expect a visit from the SEC police some time this season. Acquiesce or be disappeared, much like Auburn's defense in this game. Miss State 48, Auburn 41

Ty: I hate to admit it, but this game intrigues me. You've got two of the better QBs that few could name without hints, and it's going to get coverage from, well, everyone. I realise that MSU beat aTm last week, so their pedigree is looking good, but can they do it two weeks in a row? Methinks not. It may take a miracle like last year's Iron Bowl, but Auburn by a field goal, uh... 38-35.

Brian: This game will prove how really good Dan Mullen is. How do you cure the hangover of the party of beating TAMU? I mean, it's not like Ole Miss's beating of Bama, but at the same time, it's a division game and the winner will have the inside track to Alabama. I can't see Auburn's D being as bad as A&M's. War Eagle here.

Ranchbabe: How long does the state of MIssissippi get to enjoy the limelight on the pedestal? Alas, I think Auburn pulls this out. 35-28

Northwestern at Minnesota (-3.5)

Jon: An interesting game... if the Gophers can get any type of passing game going, it'll be their game, I think. Northwestern is hot. Minnesota is forever stuck in inferiority-complex mode. When in doubt, always take the hot team. Northwestern 24, Minnesota 23

Ty: Another one that will be worth a watch. This seems to be the time of year when Jerry Kill's team just finds a way to get one. Northwestern is hot, but a trip to Minny could be just the thing to cool them down (not a weather joke). I'll take the Gophers 27-21

Brian: Scouting report time, as Nebraska gets these 2 down the road here. Northwestern proved they are not screwing around after last week's defeat of Wisconsin. I don't know if they are hot per se, but I can't see Minnesota playing at a level above NW. That being said, it's a classic look ahead game. Wildcats win, setting up the brawl next week in Evanston.

Ranchbabe: Minnesota completes more than one pass in this game, but I don't think it will be enough. For now, I'll buy into the notion that NW's young talent is growing up fast. Ask me again Sunday morning. Wildcats 21 Gophers 17

USC at #10 Arizona (+3) Author note: USC is favored? Wow.

Jon: Arizona be wing-zinging all over the place, refs be making bad calls. Who in their right mind would bet on a Pac-12 game, given those refs? The correct answer is; the same people who'll make bets on college kickers, or in other words, nutballs and addicts. Upsets, chaos, mayhem. USC 38, Arizona 35

Ty: PAC-12 officials, amirite? Arizona's a hot pick with the win over Oregon last week, but USC and Sark have combined experience and expectations. Arizona's been close, but RichRod tends to fold under pressure (I hope... I'll be honest, this is a gut feeling). I'll still take USC 42-31

Brian: What exactly does Vegas see here? I mean, I get USC is the hipster sexy pick of the folks driving in from LA, but Arizona isn't terrible here. Plus, at home, they've been pretty good and RichRod has brought that program back from a dump that Mike Stoops put it in. Give me the Wildcats here at well.

Ranchbabe: I'm not sure it matters who is the better team. The Pac12 refs will stick their fingers on the scale and decide the game. Any else notice that RichRod seems to be getting stronger as Michigan withers away? Wildcats 45 USC 31

#9 TCU at #5 Baylor (-8)

Jon: The Horned Frogs shut down the mighty Bear passing game, interceptions left and right, and when they switch to the running game, fumbles, many fumbles. Eight turnovers in all, and TCU wins 9-7. Then the Horned Frogs jump to #1. That's what I see in the entrails. Entrails, like ball, don't lie. Bloody intestines 9, Accidentally Sliced Liver 7

Ty: This might be the best game of the weekend. TCU has to prove they're worthy of the nearly unprecedented jump in the polls. Baylor at home, their home crowd, Bryce Petty. I mean... how can you pick against that? Will it be so bad that TCU drops behind, say, us? No. however, I think they'll get put back in their place (as it were) a bit. Bears 52, Horned frogs 24

Brian: Well, I'll tell you this.. TCU wins and they will win the Big 12. This is the last test for the Horned Frogs here. However, I'm trying to tell myself that Phil Bennett has Baylor playing good D and it isn't smoke and mirrors. But, Bryce Petty is better than Trevon Boykin and has the better supporting cast. Plus, TCU away from Fort Worth doesn't have the same zing as a Kincaid's burger. Baylor wins, and the big showdown vs Oklahoma will be for the conference.

Ranchbabe: The Bears are a more complete team and at home. Baylor 42 TCU 32