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Big Red Cobcast: STATS!

Guess what has 2 thumbs and did some research? This Guy!

Eric Francis

I don't mean to brag or sound tooooooo self important but I looked up some stats for this weeks cobcast. The stats that I found are pretty great, probably ones that you haven't heard yet. I would type them into this article but then why would you listen to this episode of the cobcast? You wouldn't.

Are you intrigued yet?

You should be.

Moving on.

What did we learn from the Illinois game. I could go with the obvious and say that Ameer Abdullah is clearly the best Heisman candidate or that Gregory is a beast or Westerkamp has giant nets for hands. All that stuff is too obvious. But STILL somehow with all that stuff AND destroying a fiery Illinois team in front of 90,000+ the media still doesn't have us in the top 5. Its ridiculous. I'm starting to think there's a college football illuminati. I guarantee that both Snoop Dog and ESPN are involved. There's no other explanation.

This week we are joined by native Nebraskan and funny guy, Chad Fogland. We talk about Gurly, Illinois and I bring in some sweet stats about Michigan state. Then we play a game popular amongst high school kids: Murder, F**k, Kill. You've been warned and we're sorry.

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