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Cobs of Bowl Season: Michigan, John Loudermilk, Ed Cunningham, and Michelle Pritchett

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Christian Petersen

It was a pretty slow start to the bowl season in terms of candidates for the worst of the bowl season. Any thoughts we had of naming candidates for the early part of bowl season ended when the only candidate was Michigan. But like it always does, we found plenty of suckage in the closing days of the bowl season.

So here are your candidates for the worst of college football's bowl season:


With freshman quarterback Shane Morris thrown into the starting lineup due to Devin Gardner's injury, you'd think that Michigan's offensive coordinator would try to take the pressure off of the freshman by relying on their ground game. Most people would think that. Al Borges didn't. Seven carries for Michigan's running backs. Not that it mattered, as they combined for just 14 yards on those seven carries. And Kansas State rolled all over the Weasels. Heck, even Bill Snyder looked faster and more elusive than Fitz Toussaint and company in avoiding the Gatorade bath.

John Loudermilk

Iowa safety John Loudermilk intercepted an LSU pass and ran it all the way back. Yay, Iowa!

But... no. Seems Loudermilk flipped the ball away before crossing the goal line. No touchdown. Fortunately for Iowa, nobody recovered the Iowa retained possession at the half yard line.

And yes, that's Bo Pelini's 'ol buddy Greg Burks on the call. He got that one right.

Ed Cunningham

We hadn't seen 'ol Ed for quite a while, and Ed made up for lost time on the Gator Bowl broadcast. The big thing, though, was that it wasn't just Husker fans complaining. On New Years' Day, Cunningham was a trending topic on Twitter...which means lots of people were mentioning him....and that's not a good sign when it's a television commentator.

The most obvious to most Husker fans is the discussion of the Le Roy Alexander hit as he had to walk back his allegation that it was targeting. My favorite was his obsession with Pelini not using his timeouts at the end of the first half. Cunningham was worried that Nebraska wouldn't have any time left after Georgia's drive ended to mount any sort of drive themselves. In the rain. Right.

Our Brian Towle got a double dose of 'ol Ed, as Ed was on the radio broadcast of the Cotton Bowl, massacring his ears.

Michelle Pritchett

You may not recognize the name...but I'm sure you've seen the video of the Alabama mom who assaulted the Oklahoma student at the Sugar Bowl.

She claims she wasn't drunk. Well, watch the video and decide for yourself. What is it with football fans in Alabama? Is insane behavior a degree program at the University of Alabama? There's Harvey Updyke and the Toomer's Corner oaks. There's Adrian Briskey, who's charged with killing a fellow fan for not being upset enough over the final play of the Auburn game. I mean, the morons who tweeted at the Alabama kicker might actually be the best behaved of the bunch.

So there you have it... what's the worst of the bowl season?