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Corn Flakes: End of the BCS - Bring On The College Football Playoff!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was a great national title game last night, as Florida State came back to score the winning touchdown within the final seconds of the game and knock the SEC from the perch as Auburn fell 34-31.

The BCS era is over and with it comes the brave new world of a College Football Playoff. They were talking about college football playoffs when I was a teenager (DARK AGES) and now it's going to happen. All those years of waiting, and now, whenever you see talk about the new format, the first comments you see from fans is that it should be expanded to eight teams the following year.

Hey, eight-team playoff fans, impatient much? DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS COLLEGE FOOTBALL THING WORKS?

That's all I'm going to say for now... It's damned cold out and I have to get moving.

Husker assistant Terry Joseph confirms he's taking Texas A&M job -

The Nebraska defensive backs coach was offered the A&M job during the weekend. He has not yet signed a contract with the Aggies, but indicated Monday that he intends to finalize it soon.

Announcement should come later in the week, but in the meantime we can all fret about whether or not Nebraska did or didn't try to match the Aggie offer, what recruits will leave, and whether or not the Big Ten can compete with the SEC ever in anything involving football.

Randy Peterson: Mark Mangino as good a get as any for Iowa State's offensive coordinator job | The Des Moines Register |

Mark Mangino taking over Iowa State's pitiful football offense is the deep-ball coordinator hire fans want as they cuddle up to the fire these days.

This is great news as it doesn't matter in the least how good or bad Mangino does. What it means is I can go back and use all the Mangino jokes I didn't use the last time around.

Baylor Ends Season No. 1 in Total Offense, Scoring -
When it came to total offense, no team came close to matching Baylor. The Bears also ended up as the top scoring team after national champion Florida State posted its lowest point total against Auburn in the BCS title game Monday night.

Florida State celebrates stunning BCS National Championship comeback -
Jameis Winston's late touchdown toss to Kelvin Benjamin made Florida State national champions for the first time since 1999.

Timmy Jernigan dominates despite battling flu, feels Florida State is still disrespected - Tomahawk Nation
Timmy Jernigan dominated despite having the flu, then gave an awesome interview after, saying Florida State was disrespected.

BCS Championship Game final score: Auburn drops a heartbreaker to Florida State, 34-31 - College and Magnolia

That hurts awfully bad. But it doesn't ruin the season.

Where does undefeated Florida State rank among the greatest teams ever? -
For 59 minutes, Florida State didn't look like the best team in Pasadena. And FSU played a very weak schedule. But putting together all of the 2013 season, the Noles rank as one of the best of the BCS era. How about beyond the BCS era?

And finally, there was a double bingo in last night's championship game: