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Bo Pelini And Faux Pelini Win The Internet

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

@FauxPelini is one of the most popular twitter accounts in college football, and at one point became so famous that he had more twitter followers than Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini.

Earlier tonight, the real  Pelini had apparently had enough. He wanted his cat back, and let @FauxPelini know.

@FauxPelini didn't respond for quite a long time (in twitter terms) and it appeared that he might be dead, or that he might be in process of actually taking the real Pelini's cat back to him. Finally he responded.

Another response followed, shortly thereafter and @FauxPelini was back in action!

Both accounts gained a massive number of twitter followers, as the real Bo Pelini took the lead back. The lead in twitter followers has swung back and forth with the real Bo Pelini leading (at the time that this article was published) ,  65,311 to 65,131.