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2013 BCS National Championship Game: FSU vs Auburn - Open Thread

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, the last game of the season, but as far as open threads go, this one is part of only the beginning of 2014, which is sure to be the best year of all of our lives!!!! WOOOOOO!O!O!!!!!!

It's Jameis Winston versus Tre' Mason!

It's a fake native American guy on a horse against another horse and an eagle! You'd have to give that battle to the fake guy because at least he's got a spear. UNLESS the eagle was really huge, like those eagles in Lord of the Rings, and then that fake 'Nole guy wouldn't have a chance! Then you wouldn't need the second horse at all!

Alternative Topics (in case the game becomes a blowout):

- The weather

- The weather

- The nicest place you've ever been, which is really about the weather, mostly, and because I know some sumbitch is going to talk about how it's 85 degrees where they're at and all the women are wearing bikinis.