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LIVE: Husker Women Bowlers In Action At Prairie View A&M Invite

So, you're bored on your Friday afternoon? Watch the lady Huskers compete!


I know there aren't many bowling posts on here, but since it's a Friday afternoon, and you're not wanting to do much of work because snow and Super Bowl and all that, here's a little bit of a derivative for you all to consider.

The Husker Women Bowlers are currently competing in Arlington, Texas at the USBC Training Center in the Prairie View A&M Invitational. The schools included are:

Maryland Eastern Shore

University of Nebraska

Vanderbilt University

Arkansas State University

Central Missouri University

Stephen F Austin University

Valparaiso University

Sam Houston State University

Jackson State University

Texas Southern University

Norfolk State University

Prairie View A&M University

The competition is three days long, and the first day is what's known as Baker matches. In a Baker match, there are five bowlers on a team, with bowler #1 bowling the 1st and 6th frames, bowler #2 bowling the 2nd and 7th, and so on down the line.

Nebraska will be on the feature pairs in Game 2 (vs Texas Southern) and Game 5 (vs. Jackson State).

Thanks to Lucas Wiseman at the United States Bowling Congress for the ability to carry the stream on here.

(click the play button to watch)