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Friday's Corn Flakes: Super Bowl Storylines?

This morning's links include two MLB stars retiring and grades for all the FBS hires this off-season.

Eric Francis


I'm filling in for Jon this morning, as he's a traveling man with the family to the homeland. Therefore, we all know how I go through things. Let's cook, Walter.

It was a late night for David and the postgame piece, so look for it in a couple of hours. There was nothing from the Indiana folks postgame, however the game thread over at the Crimson Quarry tells you all you really need to know. Meanwhile, BT Powerhouse wondered if Indiana will make the NCAA Tourney.

Folks at Purdue aren't happy with the Basketball team, meanwhile Michigan is hot.

For those wondering about the NBA All Star teams, here is your list of those that made it... and didn't.

Bill Connelly grades out all 20 new FBS Head Coaching hires.

Hey! Are you one of those folks who tweet at recruits, good or bad? KNOCK IT OFF DAMNIT.

It sucks that we all have to retire the #PADMY hashtag after finding out that Michael Young is hanging it up from MLB. But so is Lance Berkman, and then it's alright.

For those that follow the NHL, do you like the Stadium Series? They have spoke of it coming to DFW, but it can't happen in either the Cotton Bowl (Heart of Dallas Bowl) or ATT Stadium (Cotton Bowl Classic and/or NFL Playoffs), so the most logical places are either FCDallas Stadium (where the FCS Championship is played) or Rangers Ballpark. But, I have a hard time thinking it'll make it that far.

And finally, the Super Bowl. Where it'll be Peyton Manning vs. the Legion of Boom. Russell Wilson vs Champ Bailey and DRC. However, we have learned 2 things about this SB. One, you can indeed Break Madden, and two, there are people that always seem to make your Super Bowl party, no matter what.

This story will make your heart go soft. If it doesn't, you're not alive.

Kenny Rogers to get your Friday going.

(thanks voltaire parraba jr.)

Enjoy your Friday folks.