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Bo Pelini (and Cat) Keep Trolling @FauxPelini

Eric Francis

During the BCS National Championship game, Bo Pelini disrupted the Twittersphere by responding to his parody alter-ego, @FauxPelini.

@FauxPelini had built quite a following on Twitter by saying outrageous things and especially engaging the Capitol One Bowl and Gator Bowl in the buildup to the game. And having an avatar that featured a picture of Bo Pelini and a cat from KittyPelini.  And when Pelini engaged his internet doppelganger, just about everybody not associated with Florida State and Auburn forgot about the game momentarily.

Well, it hasn't stopped there. @FauxPelini rode the wave of publicity into an appearance on Reddit's "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) last week. And the offical @Huskers Twitter account fired off the next salvo:

Today, defensive coordinator John Papuchis joined in the fun by posting a picture of Pelini getting on a Cessna, presumably out recruiting.

Yep...with a cat carrier.

So where is this going next?  Will Bo show up at the National Signing Day press conference in a brown turtleneck holiday sweater?

In any event, Pelini is doing his image quite a favor by showing more of his humorous side and less of the angry coach who yells at referees and reporters.