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Nebraska Recruiting: One Week Left In The 2014 Cycle, What Is Left To Target?

There are still players being targeted to finish out the Huskers '14 cycle. Who are they and what are the odds they come? Well, lets prognosticate right here..

Time to warm up the fax machine in North Stadium.
Time to warm up the fax machine in North Stadium.

One week from today, you'll be here at Corn Nation finding out everything you need to know about the 2014 recruiting class, and we'll be talking about how good kids are that haven't even taken a snap yet and all that, and it'll be glorious.

However, there is a whole week before the fax machine gets dusted off in North Stadium, and there are still a few spots left for kids to come in. How and why are certain kids being targeted? Well, I'll see if I can make light of some of it.

I would like to remind you all that this list is very fluid, and will probably change come Friday. But, for right now, this is the best we can all do.

Corey Avery: This is an interesting case right here. Nebraska LOVES Avery and Avery LOVES Nebraska, but right now with the Running Back numbers as they are after the commitment of Mikale Wilbon, it doesn't seem that the Huskers will take Avery at RB. However, if Avery didn't mind being a Corner Back, NU would take him immediately.

Avery is also digging Texas, but they don't have an offer for him quite yet. The feeling is that if UT offers, Avery is going to Austin. But, it also seems like Avery is being asked to wait for others to commit/not commit before getting an offer.

I would guess that Nebraska finds a way to take Avery, but something has to happen somewhere. Either Avery comes in at DB, or someone like Larenzo Stewart doesn't come to Lincoln in some way.

Jamiyus Pittman: Nebraska has seemingly aimed for some Central Florida recruits in the last week, especially considering the way that the Huskers were pretty sneaky getting Sedrick King to come visit and verbal last weekend. That makes the Pittman recruitment even more interesting to watch.

Bo Pelini and UCF head coach George O'Leary were at Pittman's HS on Monday, which didn't sit well with George after the King flip. O'Leary is going to work hard at keeping Pittman. It seems that UCF has the old Texas policy on current recruits visiting other schools, as in if you do, your offer is pulled. If Pittman visits, he would be a solid lock to Nebraska. Getting him to visit after UCF's staff finds out, though, is the main battle. Don't expect him to be a Husker.

Kenyon Frison: It seems to be basically down to Nebraska and Oklahoma to flip the Arizona State verbal. Both the Husker and Sooner staffs will be visiting Kenyon at home this week, so look for that flip here. While I don't discourage Nebraska's chances here, I also have believed that Oklahoma will be getting Frison this entire time.

Elijah Lee: I didn't think I would put Lee in this update, as last weekend he told all the recruiting services that he was solid to Kansas State and would be shutting down his recruiting process. Then all of a sudden, Nebraska finally offered him. I say finally because they would probably have him if they had offered, say, anytime except the last week of the cycle. Nonetheless, It's very possible that Nebraska gets him to visit this weekend, and if that happens then a switch could very well happen.

Desean Blair: Ah yes, the tribulations of Blair, who is a Louisville commit yet really likes Nebraska, but really likes Louisville. However, he is visiting Missouri this weekend. But his dad really likes one school, while his grandparents like another school. Kind of confusing, isn't it?

Last week, Blair was solid to the Cards. In the past couple of days, his HS coach said he really liked Nebraska. This dialect seems to change daily, and who knows how much he'll like Columbia come Sunday. The Huskers really want him in case Monte Harrison goes and plays Major League Baseball, which most folks, me included, think will happen. This one could change a lot in the week, so keep an open mind on this one.

Jaquez Parks: Ah yes, the Georgia Player of the Year QB. Even with all the talk about him, he still doesn't have a Nebraska offer or visit set up. Even if, he seems to be a numbers casualty in this aspect, as if all the above listed folks commit or want to, where do you put Parks at? Nebraska needs another QB in this class for sure, but with the way things have shaped up, it's probably not going to happen.

It is possible that Nebraska offers Jeff George Jr, but I doubt he comes to Lincoln even with that, as his father's alma mater Illinois is in the lead here.

With a week left in the cycle, things will change. Make sure to keep up to date by visiting Corn Nation and following us on twitter and Facebook to keep abreast of those changes.

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