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Corn Flakes: The College Football Player's Union - The End Or A New Beginning?

David McGee

The BIG NEWS yesterday - Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Associated, filed a petition on behalf of college football players from Northwestern University in attempt to form a union.

The reaction on twitter was just that, reaction, without much regard to what the players were trying to say and/or do. The SBNation story below has the list. See for yourself, and discuss!!!

No, college football players aren't unionizing for pay-for-play -
Tuesday, college athletes at Northwestern University began an attempt to create a union. And if you actually listen to them, they're not calling for that thing you're disagreeing with them over.

Northwestern responded:

Statement by Jim Phillips, Northwestern University

Vice President for Athletics and Recreation

January 28, 2014

We love and are proud of our students. Northwestern teaches them to be leaders and independent thinkers who will make a positive impact on their communities, the nation and the world. Today's action demonstrates that they are doing so.

Northwestern University always has been, and continues to be, committed to the health, safety and academic success of all of its students, including its student-athletes. The concerns regarding the long-term health impacts of playing intercollegiate sports, providing academic support and opportunities for student-athletes are being discussed currently at the national level, and we agree that they should have a prominent voice in those discussions.

We are pleased to note that the Northwestern students involved in this effort emphasized that they are not unhappy with the University, the football program or their treatment here, but are raising the concerns because of the importance of these issues nationally.

Northwestern believes that our student-athletes are not employees and collective bargaining is therefore not the appropriate method to address these concerns. However, we agree that the health and academic issues being raised by our student-athletes and others are important ones that deserve further consideration.

In a First, Northwestern Players Seek Unionization -
The former Wildcats quarterback Kain Colter joined executives of the newly formed College Athletes Players Association and the United Steel Workers in order to be granted ‘a seat at the table.’

Full-cost-of-attendance scholarship debate could break up FBS - Andy Staples -

The NCAA Division I manual is 427 pages long. It contains an entire chapter about financial aid. It spends exactly one sentence defining the full grant-in-aid, more commonly known as the "full-ride" athletic scholarship. ....... No matter what, something will have to change. The cost-of-attendance scholarship debate exposed the width of the gap in the FBS, and it promises to do so again when the wealthier schools bring the issue back for further discussion. At some point, the presidents will have to decide how big the gulf can grow before the haves and have-nots are playing entirely different games.

Harvey Perlman featured!

Northwestern Football Players Take First Step Toward Unionization
John Infante weighs in - Northwestern football players took the first step toward unionization. Some initial thoughts on that long road.

Friendly Reminder: The NCAA Invented The Term "Student-Athlete" To Get Out Of Paying Worker's Comp - Sippin' On Purple
The term "Student-Athlete" was created by the NCAA to get out of paying worker's compensation benefits to injured players.

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