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2013 Nebraska Football Plays of the Year

Two 99 yard plays and two unbelievable catches make this a tough choice. What play gets your vote for best of the 2013 Nebraska football season?

No, this play didn't quite make the cut.
No, this play didn't quite make the cut.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

2013 provided Husker fans with quite a few memorable plays. And frankly, more than once, we probably would have said that the "play of the year" was locked up, only to have another one pop up. So this list goes in chronological order, not order of importance. Which one is the best? You tell us. "All of the above" is not an option.

Kenny Bell's One-Handed Circus Catch against Illinois

Late in the third quarter against Illinois, Tommy Armstrong seemed to overthrow Kenny Bell with a pass thrown into quadruple coverage. The safety thought he had a bead on an easy interception...until Bell somehow made the catch.

Best catch of that Saturday? At that time, we probably thought it would be the best catch of the year.

RK3 to 1 against Northwestern

Nebraska and Northwestern seemed to be headed towards overtime in the closing moments of the fourth quarter...until Tommy Armstrong threw an ill-advised interception that Northwestern returned inside the NU 10 yard line. Some Husker fans headed for the exits at that time, but the team didn't throw in the towel. An impressive goal line stand meant that the Wildcats had to settle for a field goal with just under 2 minutes left in the game. Ball game? Nope. Ameer Abdullah caught a screen pass and dove for a 16 yard gain on 4th and 15. Then as time expired, this happened.

Needless to say, WGN Radio had a slightly different spin on the final game than the Husker Sports Network did. So is this one a shoo-in for play of the year?

Kenny Bell 99 yard Kickoff Return against Penn State

Penn State scored on the opening possession of the second half, seemingly taking momentum as the snow flew in Happy Valley. So what's an injury depleted Husker team to do? Seize it right back when Kenny Bell goes coast to coast.

Easy to forget this play, but a 99 yard play always deserves a mention.

Tommy Armstrong and Quincy Enunwa Combine for a 99 yard Touchdown Against Georgia

Did someone say 99 yards? Here we go again. After Armstrong fumbles the snap on second down, Nebraska is facing 3rd and 14 from the two inch line. Bo Pelini and Tim Beck decide to go full-bore YOLO, and call the deep route, expecting that Georgia is going to play for the safety. Go ahead and turn down the volume now if you don't want to hear Ed Cunningham.

By the way, watch the replay over and over and check out the reactions downfield. Georgia's Shaq Wiggins is left standing there with a WTF expression. Fellow Bulldog Quincy Mauger goes for the big hit and ends up planting his face in the mud. And Kenny Bell starts waving his arms at the 42 yard line doesn't stop until Enunwa is out the back of the end zone.

So what's the play of the year? This one is a toughie, because they all probably could win in an average year.