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Two Weeks Till National Signing Day '14, What Do The Huskers Have At The Finish?

We sit at 14 days till the fax machine in North Stadium gets warm. What do the Huskers have to do to finish big?

What players will come through the band into the Sea of Red in the coming years?
What players will come through the band into the Sea of Red in the coming years?
David McGee/CN

Two weeks till National Signing Day. Some folks (especially those that disdain from recruiting till the actual NDS) hate this time of year. I tend to love it however, as it's interesting to see all the plans that all teams employ after either their targets hit or miss, and the ripple effect from that.

For Nebraska, it's not been a great week plus on the recruiting front. Lets go over what has happened.

Terrell Clinkscales opens the discussion, obviously. For those that haven't seen anything about this, Clink flipped his verbal from Nebraska to Kansas State on Sunday afternoon. Sean Callahan, HOL/Rivals guru, talked about how Terrell's grades became a liability and the staff wasn't going to hold on to him. Terrell, on the other hand, refuted that statement.

Now, I won't tell you that it's a thought that he may not be academically eligible, as that's a big reason a lot of schools didn't pull the trigger on him. However, I will say that I can't see why Nebraska would just think grades would be a main reason to not stick with him. Charles Jackson is a perfect example, as the Huskers waited a full year for him to get his grades up.

While DT isn't that big of a need, getting a player as good as Clinkscales is something you do because of that whole B1G running game narrative. To me, at least, you take him in and hope he pans out. Absolute worst case scenario, he doesn't and you have a scholly next year when you may only sign 20 max cause of numbers. Best case scenario, he works out and you have him for 2 years. Middle of the road scenario, is that he spends a year qualifying and you have him for only one, but you still keep him available to you.

By the way.. .stay classy, Greatest Fans in College Football. (Parental guidance suggested for this...)

The other decommit to speak of is Darius Slade, who committed to Michigan State a day after taking off on his verbal to Nebraska.  The only thing I could think of is that, even though committed to Nebraska, other voices like Pat Narduzzi and Larry Johnson Jr. getting in there more made a difference. Losing Slade hurts because, with the unknown availability of Avery Moss and Randy Gregory being in Lincoln only one more year probably, you need someone to be able to take over and become a edge pass rusher.

Now, who is still in the running to come to Lincoln? A few folks, actually. Lets go over who Nebraska is sweating like a champ.

Mikale Wilbon: The Huskers have gained some traction here, as Ron Brown has done work to get the job done. Doesn't hurt that Vanderbilt is a melting trainwreck in both staff and recruits after James Franklin left. However, for what the Commodores lose, the Huskers gain in this aspect.

Desean Blair: Word on the street is that Nebraska sent the full court press on Monday morning to see the Louisville commit. When Charlie Strong took off to Texas, Blair started looking around. However, with Bobby Petrino making a point to keep on Blair, it's probable that Louisville keeps this Wide Receiver. He still has a visit lined up to Louisville this weekend on the heels of his visit to Lincoln last weekend. If, IF he flips, it's Nebraska.

Kenyon Frison: Keep this name in mind if Nick Gates doesn't sign with Nebraska. John Garrison has done work as Arizona State and Oklahoma keeps battling. It may not pan out, but look for the Huskers to go full court press if they have any inkling that Gates isn't going to be N.

Spencer Williams: Due to the issues with Slade and Moss mentioned above, keep an eye out on this name. A Cincy verbal, he would be a serviceable replacement for losing Slade. Yes, his BCS offers aren't very good, but in the same aspect, there isn't much more Nebraska has to fall back on.

Kweishi Brown: This is the last target at Cornerback that Nebraska has after the Chris Jones commitment. New Husker DB coach Chalton Warren has the task of going to California to get Brown. Even if the Huskers don't get him, they are going to seemingly call it good on CB's, as Deion Hallmon has cooled down the Huskers in his recruitment. Personally, I would like to see Nebraska go hard on Hallmon regardless of Brown's status, but that's just me I guess.

The Huskers sit with 19 kids in this class, and probably could go all the way to 26 if they really wanted to. However, with the possibility of only 20 maximum spots being open next year, sitting on some scholarships and handing them out to walk-on Senior's isn't a bad idea at this point.

Can they close out this class on a high note? We will find out soon enough. Remember to keep it here on CN for all the FREE Husker recruiting news possible.