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2013 Corn Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Results

Joe Robbins

It's only mid-January, and here I thought I wouldn't get around this until March.

Attached are the results of our 2013 Bowl Pick 'Em which we ran through Yahoo's Pick 'Em. Included are the Top Ten and myself, who finished a grand 30th out of 66 users, about 63 of which really entered bowl picks.

The idea was that the top four winners would get Corn Nation T-Shirts, given that they are members at Corn Nation. So, if you happen to be a member here, and finished in the top four, please notify me, let me know what t-shirt size and whether you want the traditional "Cobby" shirt, or the SB Nation United logo shirt.


Having stated the above, I'm pretty sure the top four winners here are not members of Corn Nation, but are instead people who regularly play the pick 'em games at Yahoo. I find that disappointing - so disappointing in fact, that if we do these things again, I'm going to try to figure out how we build our own season/bowl pick 'em games.

Sometime in March, I might actually look at Nebraska's bowl game.