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Thursday Night Game Thread: Now With More NFL!

There's some pretty lackluster Thursday night college football games going on, but the NFL starts with Baltimore traveling to Denver to take on the Broncos! Drinks will be served!

This isn't how you call for a spike, but whatever.
This isn't how you call for a spike, but whatever.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Here's your schedule of football for the evening:

Game Time Channel
Florida Atlantic at East Carolina 6:30 p.m. FS1 (HD)
Sacramento State at Arizona State 9:00 p.m. PAC-12 Network (HD) / Pac-12 Video
Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos 7:30 PM NBC

This is not a particularly appealing group of Thursday night games.

Florida Atlantic might be worth watching to see if Carl Pelini will make another bizarre call (in case you missed it, Carl called for a spike on fourth down last week), but does anyone find any of these teams appealing?

Up until two weeks ago, I would have said Arizona State. My wife and daughter traveled there for a college visit. They left unimpressed. Incredibly unimpressed, as in Mrs CN pointed out that not only did a small state college in Minnesota do a better job, but our own high school did a better job of presentation during their freshman orientation. That is pretty damned sad. Needless to say, the daughter won't be going to ASU. And I hope Sacremento State beats them. So there.

NFL starts its season tonight. I have not watched much NFL football in the past few years. A large part of that is due to the time commitment for CN, and part of that is watching tons of college football. Somewhere in there, my wife and family expect me to pay attention to them sometimes. Imagine that. So, not much NFL.

Other Topics Of Interest:

- Spotify or Pandora or something else and why?

- Where I to be facing my life at 18, I'd choose to go into something involving genetics. You?

- Players or scheme?

Here's a music video: