What does Team Sunshine represent?

There has been much chatter about Team Sunshine recently. Heck, even getting a few mentions in De Tasseling the Huskers podcast. A lot of it has to do with the almost-loss against Wyoming. I made a comment after the game that it got me questioning my involvement with Team Sunshine and I have been a big supporter of the group since its inception. In my humble opinion, though, I feel that there are some misconceptions about Team Sunshine.

Viking Husker had a great comment on the most recent De Tasseling the Huskers article, which got me thinking, what does Team Sunshine represent? What do we stand for? Like Viking Husker, not all of us think 9 or 10 wins is enough. I cannot speak for the whole group that is Team Sunshine, but most of us, I am sure, do not want to settle for 9 or 10 wins, unless there is a conference championship involved there.

I can only speak for myself, but I view Team Sunshine as a break from the group of pessimists that have surrounded Husker football for quite a few years (Note: I am not finger pointing at any CornNation member and respect the view of the pessimists, for you cannot have optimism without pessimism). Team Sunshine sees the talent of the current Husker squad and a proverbial light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel. In the past decade, we’ve had some dark times. I feel as though we are finally moving on and it is a time to be hopeful. For me, Team Sunshine represents that hope. The hope that a conference championship and/or BCS Bowl game is on its way. Our offense has the talent and the experience, our defense has the talent but not the experience. Will it happen this year? Who knows. Only one game into a long season. The pieces are in place and this could be the year. But, if we win only 9 games and miss out on the conference championship game, I will be pissed, no doubt about it. I am not complacent. I want a championship as much as any other Husker fan. I just tend to me more hopeful than most regarding the 2013 Huskers. Heck, I am even more hopeful about the 2014 Huskers, but I am not going to get ahead of myself and will live in the present. Is a 9 or 10 season without a championship enough? Never, we should always strive for the trophies. But, a 9 or 10 season is nothing to put a brown paper bag over our heads either. Frustrating, yes.

If you feel you are part of Team Sunshine, let me know what it represents to you. For me, it’s hope. For others, it may be something else.

Editor's Note: Have at it Team Sunshine - what does it mean to be on Team Sunshine? I honestly never really tried to flesh it out. One thousand internet runzas to whomever throws down a corporate-quality mission statement first. Oh, and no bickering or name calling. - Salt Creek and Stadium

Also, PLEASE FOR THE SPIRIT OF BOB DEVANEY'S FAVORITE BRANDY DO NOT TELL ANYONE THEY'RE NOT A REAL FAN. None of us are. Ask the oscillating fan in your apartment what it means to be a fan. (But seriously, this is about Team Sunshine, not about being a better or worse fan than anyone else. We're all fans of Nebraska. Or else we wouldn't comment here.)

(Even the Iowa fans. Secret lovers and all that.)

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