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Wednesday's Corn Flakes: The Other Kenny Bell Quits Football For An Afternoon

Today's links talk about taking the guesswork out of Southern Miss, and a big logjam at Linebacker.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good Wednesday to you. Hey look, you're halfway through the week to Southern Miss. The holiday helped out, didn't it?

Yesterday at Corn Nation, Greg and I gave you the podcast, and David gave you the CN B1G Power Poll for this week. Plus, we gave you a friendly reminder that it's a long season, and the goals are still intact for 2013.

Nebraska dropped a few spots in both the AP and Coaches poll yesterday.

Hail Varsity was at the end of Tuesday's practice, where Nebraska defensive coaches were hoping to take the guesswork out of Southern Miss.

Bo Pelini told us in his Tuesday presser that he has found nothing to panic over yet, and everything is fixable.

Jon Nyatawa talks about how Josh Banderas and Nathan Gerry had to grow up fast on Saturday night.

It sounds like Michael Rose is adding to the big logjam at Middle Linebacker.

Lots of stuff out there about Jameis Winston's performance on Monday night, and how he wanted to be a Texas Longhorn, but supposedly no one ever told Mack Brown.

Seriously NCAA, do you have to ruin everything moderately worth while in College Football?

Kenny Bell gave up football for a while yesterday afternoon. No, not the one you know.

Your Heisman front runner is Teddy Bridgwater, by the odds. However, remember how last year it was Matt Barkley at this time? Yep, it's early.

There were six ejections for "targeting" on the first weekend of play in CFB. Take a look at all of them here. Bonus: nice photo essay at the bottom of that piece.

UCLA got their black adidas uniform yesterday for their game against Washington in November. It looks.... alright?

Oh look, Mark May made an ass of himself again. This time, talking about Michigan/Notre Dame.

If you're sick at the thought of Nebraska going to the Capital One Bowl again, DON'T LOOK HERE. (PS, the opponent would make us all weep for many reasons)

Sonny Dykes made a roundabout claim that Northwestern used fake injuries to slow down his offense. Did they? Well, you can be the judge.

Today's birthdays include Beyonce, Mike Piazza, Tom Watson, and Dr. Drew.

Today is National Wildlife Day, as well as National Macadamia Nut Day. It's also National Newspaper Carrier Day.

Today's video is one of my fave songs from the last couple of years.

(thanks to you, AlabamaShakes)

Enjoy the day folks.