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Cobs of the Week: Southern Cal, Tennessee FG Unit, Minnesota, Kirk Ferentz, Cal, and Fresno State

Lane Kiffin and Southern Cal probably wins this running away, but there were a few more candidates for the worst of the week in college football.

A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words
Christian Petersen

With Nebraska on a bye week, they pretty much earn an exemption from our weekly "Worst of the Week" award. In fact, with so many teams on a bye this week, there aren't a lot of candidates to choose from. But what we lack in quantity, we more than make up in quality.

Southern Cal

Oh, how could we not include the Trojans this week after getting trucked by Arizona State 62-41 in Tempe. Reportedly, athletic director Pat Haden made the decision to fire Lane Kiffin in the third quarter, then pulled the trigger in a parking lot at Los Angeles International Airport upon the team's arrival back in Southern California.

Now Lane Kiffin certainly didn't do much of anything to help his situation, but the real root cause of Southern Cal's issues goes back to the Reggie Bush scandal. Sure, the bowl ban is in the past, but the scholarship limitations are not. Southern Cal only had 56 scholarship athletes available for the game in the desert.

Tennessee Field Goal Unit

Speaking of Kiffin, his former stomping ground is still wallowing in mediocrity as well. In the fourth quarter, kicker Michael Palardy's 52 yard field goal attempt barely traveled 20 yards...

Watch the video again at the end... looks like holder Tyler Drummer accidentally blocked the kick with his left hand.

You read that right. Tennessee blocked their own field goal attempt.


One way to make an Iowa-Minnesota gave even more unwatchable is for the Gophers to not even answer the bell. The Hawkeyes dominated Minnesota from start to finish.

Others receiving consideration include:

Kirk Ferentz for walking off the field at half with :30 on the clock and 1 timeout left.

Cal, for not even answering the bell versus Oregon.

Fresno State had a 42-3 lead against Hawaii with 6:15 left in the 3rd quarter and squeaked by with a 42-37 win.

So what's your choice for the worst of the week in College Football?