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De Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 44: Staff And Mental Questions Abound

Greg and Brian try to make sense of your questions after the Wyoming game.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Brian and Greg field your questions after a disappointing win over Wyoming. WHAT? You mean a win can't be disappointing? Well here is my Team Sunshine membership card, hat, and lanyard. Good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

Anyhoo, lots to talk about from a defensive effort that allowed 600+ yards to Wyoming. So we're talking about the defense, the team's mentality on the sideline and after the game, and Brian RAEGes for a few minutes. I think that's all.

......I hope that's all.

We want to thank the whole bunch of you who gave us questions. We got them from both our email (BeltwayBrett) as well as twitter (Salt, Jon Slaga and Trey Smith), so we hear you asking!

Do you have questions for the DtH podcast? Well, don't just keep them in, we want to hear them! So take your questions and find Greg and/or Brian on twitter, and Corn Nation on both Facebook and twitter to get your questions into the guys and they will answer them in the following week's podcast.