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CN Power Poll: Week 2

First impressions are a funny thing and boy were they significant. This weeks power poll reflects that. Who made the biggest mark this week? Who fell the furthest?

Gregory Shamus

Things were far from unanimous this week. Ohio State and Nebraska, last weeks #1 and #2, respectively debuted with lukewarm and downright stinky performances. Michigan, on the other hand, put together a performance that led many to believe the hype might just be real.

Team Prev. Total
Michigan (5) 3 134
Ohio State (6) 1 129
Northwestern (1) 4 112
Wisconsin 5 112
Penn State 7 95
Nebraska 2 88
Michigan State 6 68
Indiana 9 63
Minnesota 8 57
Illinois 12 29
Iowa 11 26
Purdue 10 23

Michigan is rewarded this week after their dismantling of Central Michigan, despite Ohio State recieving more first place votes. Here at CN, we're probably overly critical of our own team as Nebraska takes a big tumble, really, the only dramatic move in this weeks poll. No other team moved more than two spots one way or the other. Oh, and Salt Creek is puffing his chest about a Northwestern team that needed two defensive touchdowns to beat a 3-9 team breaking in a new coach. Most of us are reserving judgment on that one. Salt is all in with a 8 and a Queen before we've even made it all the way around the table the first time.

Oh, and Cobby weighed in, of course. I'm not exactly sure what his point was with those one, though, what's wierd is that he mirrored exactly what the poll results of the rest of the group. What's he trying to say?

Team Prev Total
Michigan 3 B
Ohio State 10 E
Northwestern 3 R
Wisconsin 11 A
Penn State 3 S
Nebraska 1 N
Michigan State 3 K
Indiana 2 A
Minnesota 3 L
Illinois 3 L
Iowa 12 :(
Purdue 3 O

Don't agree with our rankings? Give us yours.