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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: Everything Is Fixable

Today's notes about Bo "feeling better" after watching the tape, while Tom Shatel brings up a name that makes people cringe when it comes to Husker Football.

We all were supposed to be going here this weekend. Dangit.
We all were supposed to be going here this weekend. Dangit.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Good Tuesday morning, hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.

I'm sorry about not getting something out on Monday. I had a pretty harsh work schedule this weekend, along with the fact that I wasn't quite sure if one would go out or not. However, I do have a lot of pieces for you today, so lets get on it!

Lots of tidbits from the Bo Pelini presser and such on Monday. Brian Christopherson talks about how Bo "feels better" after watching the tape. Whether that's coachspeak or truth will be seen in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Tim Beck says Monday that the offense just wasn't good enough on Saturday night. I thought the only true thing Beck failed on was putting an Ameer Abdullah that, save one run, wasn't really running the ball very well in when Terrell Newby and Imani Cross was eating some good hot buffet through the line.

Steve Sipple asked Rich Fischer about the vertical passing game on Saturday, while Taylor Martinez tells folks that his shoulder is fine. To be honest, it was interesting how Taylor talked way more on Monday than he did Saturday night.

Steve Sipple also wonders about this D and if Michigan is truly the B1G West fave after camp and Week One.

John Garrison wants more out of his offensive line, while Rich Kaczenski wants his to learn more, faster.

Jay Foreman broke down the game for 247 sports right here.

In Sam McKewon's post game writeup, he noticed a whole lot of the little things that could have helped on Saturday. Tom Shatel thinks there is still something missing from that Defense, something lost that reminds him of a previous DC that lost the magic and a job in Lincoln.

It's not all football today, as the Women's Soccer team finished a 2-2 draw against Utah State on Monday.

At the Wyoming community Cowboy Altitude, pretty nice video montage of their highlights and post game presser Saturday. The TD where the WR runs over Andrew Green.... welp.

Over at Off Tackle Empire, the observations for week one in the B1G are out, and it seems for some teams (Neb included) there are a lot more questions than answers after one week.

No matter what folks, we're 1 and 0. Purdue isn't, and Iowa isn't either. By golly, let us also not ignore the doors slamming in Manhattan or Ames even, my friends. They are even weeping in Corvallis, too.

A potentially big loss for Michigan as Drake Johnson, Fitz Toussaint's backup at RB, was lost for the year. The leg injury bug also hit Northwestern as starting CB Daniel Jones is now out for the season too.

Venric Marc and Kain Colter went down with injuries against Cal, but Trevor Siemian and Treyvon Green did a great job in relief against the Golden Bears Saturday night.

What's better than your team winning in week 1? Craig James being fired by Fox Southwest after one week.

Washington re-opened Husky Stadium with a husky ass kicking of Boise State.

Who had the better start? Teddy Bridgewater vs Ohio, or Jameis Winston vs Pitt?

Today's birthdays include Charlie Sheen, Shawn White, Dave Ramsey, Mason Crosby, and Jennie Finch.

Imagine Dragons for your daily song, my friends.

(thanks ImagineDragonsVevo)

Lots of stuff coming today folks. Keep a browser tab open so you don't miss it all.

Have a great Tuesday.