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Where Does The 2013 Season For Nebraska And Bo Pelini Stand In The Fans Eyes?

While it's irrational at the very least to suggest Bo Pelini is on the hot seat over a nail biting win against Wyoming, some folks are looking to a game in less than 2 weeks to truly re-measure 2013's expectations.

Eric Francis

When realizing the reaction of fans, it's kinda like what Bo Pelini happened to say after Nebraska's 3 point victory against Wyoming on Saturday night, a game that brought back stats and feelings from last December/January.

".. it's never as good or as bad as you think it really is."

Now, to be honest, I'm not a happy guy about what happened Saturday night either. I do hope that the game was a one time issue combining things like nerves, youthful mistakes, and adrenaline that just happened to mesh and make a game that should have been a somewhat challenging test a nail biter.

While Nebraska's end year goals have not changed (BCS bowl and/or a B1G Championship), some folks have gone to the social media vents to let their voices be known. Some have gone with the numbers...

... while others have just made statements to clear the air and called it good.

To be honest, I am mad, but I know that everything is still in front of this team right now, as a win by 1 is a whole lot better than a 1 point loss. However, like most of you, the performance didn't really inspire me. So I asked 2 questions of those of you that follow me on twitter. The first question was about UCLA.

The answers went a basic way:

I don't necessarily agree with the last one by Curt, only because we're not guaranteed that UCLA last year will be UCLA this year. The Bruins will have 2 weeks to prepare for Nebraska, and there's no reason to NOT worry about that game, regardless of how Southern Miss works out.

So then, with the info from the first question, this second question went out.

Responses to this question were mixed and interesting in what focal points were being used.

Those weren't all the answers obviously, but I do agree that, while Bo would catch some hell over losing to the Bruins the same way that the Cowboys challenged Nebraska's Defense, it's ultimately the B1G title game that would be still the goal for Nebraska along with that BCS game.

Now, I know that Jon is reading this and chortling like Verne Lundquist on a Saturday afternoon on CBS, because his opinion about twitter (and something I don't disagree with to a fault), is that twitter is like a bar with opinions that not every one wants to hear. However, considering the NU fan sites melted down harder than Chernobyl and message boards on fire, twitter comes off as somewhat of a rational method.

Granted, I'm just as thankful that Facebook and twitter weren't around in the '90's. I mean, could you have imagined the internets the night of the Arizona State shutout in 1996, or the Big 12 title game that December? Holy crap would RSS or HuskerBoard be ablaze with folks that had some hot takes.

This has been a trying 72 hours in Nebraska sports, and things like Pinnacle Bank Arena, the verbal of Peyton Newell and such were forgotten for things on the field. Let us all remember than we're a 1-0 team, that it's better than Purdue and Iowa, and that the slate is clean to be 1-0 after next weekend regardless if you believe Bo's coachspeak or not, and if you believe it was a one time thing or a complete meltdown that will last all year.

It's a long season, take it week by week and day by day.