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Friday's Corn Flakes: Coaches Traveling Around

The weekend is ready to start, and we bring you some recruiting news, as well as Nebraska Basketball's open house tonight.

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Welcome to your Friday flakes.

Normally, Jon or Jason get this, however since I didn't do the Wednesday one, I decided to pick this one up.

One thing I thought of last night, and something to discuss in the comments below, is what food advertisement looks NOTHING like the actual product you purchase? Some say burgers and such, I personally say it's the Jack In The Box Taco. It's crushed and like having to peel apart something. For 2/.99, it's not bad, but still, nothing like the photos they put up for it.

Anyhow.. lets get to the goods shall we?

Yesterday at Corn Nation, Jon asked if Johnny Rodgers should be pardoned for his holding up of a gas station over 40 years ago. Meanwhile, Paul talked about signs about where Nebraska is heading for the rest of this season. And David did his B1G rundown from the last week.

Husker coaches are out this weekend recruiting. Where are they? Well...

Sam McKewon at the Omaha WH talks about the "waiting game" the Neb staff is now saddled with after offering so many players this summer.

Brian Rosenthal, in the LJS, talks about what he expects to see from Nebrasketball, starting with tonight's open scrimmage.

Brian Christopherson also talks about Nebraska's safety mixing and matching so far this year.

Well, another freaking casualty of the Ed O'Bannon/Sam Keller lawsuit against the NCAA came down Thursday afternoon, as EA Sports not only settled with everyone in the class action suit, but they also announced there will NOT be a college football game in 2014. How many get penalized in this case because of this issue?

Classy move by Western Michigan, putting the Cincy logo on their helmets for a good cause.

Bama is looking for a "big time opponent" to start the 2016 season. It won't be Michigan State, though.

I think that West Virginia is looking for answers at QB after this move.

In last night's action, Iowa State went all over Tulsa, while Virginia Tech's odd helmets survived versus Georgia Tech.

Need the handy TV guide for this weekend? HERE YA BE.

Mariano Rivera made a grand exit to his Yankee Stadium career last night.

San Francisco got right Thursday night versus St. Louis. (Remember when some people thought that the Rams were ready to contend in the NFC West this year under Jeff Fischer? The last 4 days have proved it's just not that easy).

PROFARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! (Blatant Homerism Alert)

By the way, the last four times the Angels have played in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, they have lost all four games to walk off home runs. They are the only walkoff HR's Texas have had this season. They aren't real pleased in SoCal.

Today's birthdays include Meat Loaf, Lil Wayne, Avril Lavigne, and Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down).

The video is one to get you going for the weekend.

(thanks revluzionnotelevised)

Kick your weekend off well, everyone!