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Thursday's Corn Flakes: Happy Birthday Jack Hoffman

Today's links include talking about keeping the offense simple, as well as FBS AD's talking about pay for play.

Welcome to your Thursday, everyone.

The bye week always seems to bring news on how the Huskers are working on stuff, especially this year on defense. This year, of course it seems to be on the D Line where some of the questions are, but I would suspect that the whole defense has some stuff going on.

My question is, how much pure change can you expect from the beginning of the season through November for this group? The result of the season (and probably some people's jobs) depend on some young kids having the light bulb come on by November.

It's easy to see the brightness in Stanley Jean-Baptiste has arrived, how about everyone else?

Today's other links:

At the LJS, Sipple thinks that Tim Beck should avoid reverting the offense back to a simpler tone while this snippet talks about "all 10 of us going out" for recruiting" from Ross Els. I would personally like to know the ten that are going out, considering that it's really the staff minus Els able to really go out. Then again, Vince Marrow did work as a GA, so maybe that's not really focused on.

Over at the OWH, Pelini says he has noticed a "marked improvement" during the bye week on defense. Tom Shatel thinks that Ernie Chambers got the "pay for play" issue right a couple of decades ago.

Speaking of the whole "pay for play" think, would you be surprised that D-1 AD's are against it?

Urban Meyer and Bret Bielema love each other. They really do.

Braxton Miller is a go versus Wisconsin this weekend.

I could think of worse bowl sponsors.

The coach who brought LSU fame in the 1950's has passed on.

Not sure if you saw it, but the NCAA will be slowly giving Penn State scholarships back, 5 per year, till they are back to a full 85 in 3 seasons. This is big news to Bill O'Brien, but is being taken by some folks as the NCAA admitting they screwed up the investigation to begin with. It's also being taken by some as the NCAA turning a blind eye into what happened to cause this in the first place, which I do not get at all. If that was the case, Mark Emmert would be doing things like making Joe Paterno's wins count again and such. I don't mind this, BOB and the current players are dealing with enough of that as it is.

Ohio State has been at the forefront of wearing alternate uniforms late in the season the last few years it seems, more than most schools but less than a, say, Oregon. They will break some new ones out versus Wisconsin this week, and there will be some broken out again vs. Michigan.

Honest question time: can Purdue beat Northern Illinois? It may be their best shot at a victory the rest of the schedule.

Josh Freeman, how you have fallen.


St Louis and San Francisco kick off Week 4 in the NFL tonight, while Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech go at it on ESPN. Iowa State and Tulsa make a display of football on Fox Sports 1 tonight too.

Birthdays today include: JACK HOFFMAN, Olivia Newton John, Serena Williams, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, and James Caviezel.

Today is National Pancake Day, as well as Shamu the Whale Day.

Today's video is one I forgot that the Killers did till I heard it on the phone the other day on iTunes.

(thanks Vevo)

Kick today in the pants, everyone.