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Nebraska So Far: By The Numbers

A look at the 2013 Nebraska football season so far - by the numbers.

David McGee

The biggest number we have so far this season is 463.8 - the number of yards per game given up by the defense. You've probably heard that number repeatedly, and while our beloved Huskers are 3-1, I'm guessing most of us watched the beginning of the South Dakota State and wondered how many more games we're going to win with this defense.

Well, I'll tell you.

I don't know.

I can tell you the games we're going to win with this offense, though!


And so it goes, the fighting inside my head. Every once in a while there's an interruption about wanting a ham and cheese sandwich, but there's never one around when you need one. Someone else always gets them before me. Who would have thought ham and cheese sandwiches were so much like good defensive tackles?

1 - Interceptions Taylor Martinez has thrown this season, the same number he'd thrown through the first five games of last season. He ended up with 12 in 2012, last in the Big Ten.

1 - Michigan State's national ranking in total defense, giving up only 188.8 yards per game. Their offense is ranked 106th. Nebraska vs Michigan State should be a very interesting match up.

2 - Sacks Nebraska has given up this season.

3 - Number of punts returned for 15 yards, two by Jamal Turner and one by Jordan Westerkamp.

3.2 - Yards per carry Taylor Martinez has averaged on the ground this season. He averaged 5.2 per carry in 2012. I guess turf toe will do that to a guy.

4 - Interceptions by Stanley Jean-Baptiste, one of which was returned for a touchdown. Those four interceptions have Jean-Baptiste tied for first in the country. Let's hope he can keep that on track.

6 - Quincy Enunwa's national rank in TD receptions, tied with three other players. He has five so far.

9 - Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith's national rank in passing at 328.8 yards per game. By rating he's at 28th, with Martinez at 26, but I suspect that Martinez is surrounded by better talent. It'll be interesting to see where Smith ends up at the end of the season. UCLA's Brett Hundley is at 21st in yards per game, and 18th by rating, if you were interested.

9.6 - yards per carry for Zach Zenner last week, who gained 202 yards and two touchdowns off 21 carries.

11 - Nebraska's rank in total defense in the Big Ten. Guess who's behind us! IlLinois! WOohoOO!!!

12 - Nebraska's rank in total defense in the Big Ten if you go by yards per play. WoohooO rescinded.

14 - Nebraska's rank in rushing offense at 280.75 yards per game. Wisconsin is third (349.75 ypg), Ohio State is sixth (311), UCLA 12th (284.33), and Minnesota 13th (282.25).

16 - Nebraska's national ranking in scoring offense with 43.3 points per game.

19 - Nebraska's national ranking in turnover margin, tied with a gob of other teams, including Northwestern and Ohio State. That's in margin/game. The Huskers are +4. Let's hope that continues.

20 - Ameer Abdullah's national rank in rushing with 116.25 yards per game, third in the Big Ten behind Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin (156 ypg) and Mark Weisman of Iowa (117 ypg).

27 - Years since it's been since Nebraska played Illinois. The Huskers own a 6-2-1 record in the series, having won the last two by hefty scores (1986: 59-14, 1985: 52-25).

28 - Nebraska's national ranking in the USA Today Coaches Poll, in the "Others Receiving Votes" category.

30 - Total tackles by Corey Cooper, the leading tackler on the team. Two are tackles for loss, one sack, and one interception.

72 - Number of players who participated in the South Dakota State game

79 - Number of plays 10+ yards the defense has given up. That's 124th in the nation, just ahead of New Mexico State who has given up 87. New Mexico State is 0-4 and hasn't been to a bowl game since 1960. If You move up to 20+ yards, the Huskers move up to 116th. If you look at 50+ yards, we're tied for 1st!

106 - Nebraska's national ranking in penalty yardage per game at 65.5. Ugh.

186 - Number of yards South Dakota State had in the first quarter, 289 by half. 392 by the third quarter and 465 for the game. I realize that sounds bad, but when you consider the number of players that got into the game and that SDSU scored only six points after the first quarter, it's a little more understandable. (I'm trying to be positive here, hmmmkay?)

1,137 - Passing yards given up, for 284.2 yards per game.

3,640 - Days that passed between Texas wins over Kansas State

13,802 - Corn Nation's number of followers on twitter. HEY HELP ME OUT HERE, HUH?

307,000 - According to this - what a Nebraska football player is worth per year. The math is a little cheesy, as is their pointing out how much Texas spent on scholarships because there is more cost involved that just a scholarship, as they point out on the link to 2010-2011 football expenses.

According to the article linked within that article, Nebraska spent $20,148,302 on football players. Divide that up by 85 and you get (rounded) $237,039. So, really, a Nebraska football player is worth $69,961 per year. That doesn't have the same impact as $307k, does it?