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Detasseling The Huskers, Episode 47: Tommie Frazier Stirring The Pot, QB Controversy Put To Bed

Greg and Brian put to bed one issue while reminiscing the statements of the preseason on the Husker Defense. Also, vacation needs, and food talk, cause we're guys.

David McGee/Corn Nation

Good afternoon, and thanks for your questions again to make this podcast such a great, original production of Corn Nation!

In Episode 47:

The guys open the show recounting recent vacations (hint - Brian is in need of one if you want to enter his name for a vacation give away).

Then Brian and Greg get into the game vs SDSU and take your questions.

- Is there a quarterback controversy in Lincoln?

- Can the defense turn it around? (sub-question: more blitzing?)

- What's the status on NU transfer Alex Lewis?

- Would there be any backlash to Bo Pelini if Les Miles and LSU were ever investigated by the NCAA?

We want to thank Trey Smith, Jon Slaga, Jason Whacker, and CN's own Beltway Brett for questions for this week's production.

As always, we always want YOUR questions for the DtH Podcast. So, if you follow GregBrian, or Corn Nation on either Facebook or twitter, ask away. You can also email those questions, like Brett did, and we'll get them on our next production!