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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: What's Going On At MIKE?

Today's links talk about the MLB Playoffs and free Nebraska Basketball watching at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

David Santos and Jared Afalava
David Santos and Jared Afalava
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Thanks to JLew for doing the Monday flakes. It helps sometimes to have assistance on these things.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the MLB Playoffs for the first time in about 2 decades. More on that later, but first, your links for the morning.

Mike brought you the Cobs from this week. Personally, I voted for the terrible scheduling for FBS this week, but sometimes you have to have weeks like these to appreciate other weeks in October and November.

Steve Sipple, in the LJS today, talks about how the Blackshirts lack a "killer mentality". That's a start, for sure. Meanwhile, Brian Christopherson talks about where David Santos sits in that whole Mike Linebacker discussion.

Tom Shatel of the OWH talks about a different side of Bo Pelini, while Jeff Sheldon says you shouldn't count on a lot of easy wins from John Cook's squad this year in the B1G.


Mitch Sherman of talks about the defensive woes for the Huskers.

Great piece at Football Study Hall about paces of FBS offenses so far this season. The Huskers rank 65th in this whole schematic. Sam McKewon of the OWH talks about the numbers of Nebraska's past and current opponents.

Hope y'all like Tempe again. I mean, you all REALLY like Tempe.

Wondering what's wrong with Michigan State's offense? You're not alone. Meanwhile, wonder where we've seen a phantom PI cost the Spartans before?

I think I know where Salt is going to spend his Saturday morning this coming weekend. Should he take a sign? TELL US WHAT IT SHOULD SAY IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

Some folks want Mack Brown to stay in power in Austin. Some don't.

NOW I know why Stanford recruits OL's like fish breathe water.

Here's something we can all get behind from The Daily Gopher.

I'm seriously starting to wonder if Darrell Hazell is going to be gone after one year at Purdue. The game versus Wisconsin made me flip my thought about Hazell's hire.

Who exactly is the Big Ten Legends West leader already?

The Pirates used a play at the plate, with a Nationals loss to St. Louis to make the MLB Playoffs for the first time since 1992. The Reds also qualified for the NL Playoffs too, which means NEXT YEAR CUBS LOLNO. (NSFW work-audio)

Meanwhile, in the AL, the Royals and Rangers stay alive with wins, while the Rays not only keep their Wild Card lead but also put a serious hurt in Baltimore's chances, who lost more than a playoff chance on Monday.

Peyton Manning done took Oakland and made them his playtoy.

Today's sign the apocalypse is upon us.

Today's birthday's include Kevin Sorbo, Nia Vardalos, Robert Irvine, and Eddie George.

Today's video is a little... well... I like it, darnit.

(thanks dwightyoakam youtube folks)

Enjoy your day, folks.