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Corn Flakes: Back to Work for the Defense

Weekend reactions to Nebraska's win over South Dakota State University as well as other happenings from around the Husker universe, the B10, and the nation.

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So the SDSU game looked to be the game where everyone took their kids (with the hope that if the kiddos were done by half then you could leave with the game basically in hand) or dumped them off to friends or ate the tickets as the tickets outside the stadium were going for about 2 for $20.

I decided to take my 5 and 9 year olds. We didn't make it to half. The youngest feel asleep on my wife during the pregame, and didn't wake up until after it was 7-7. How does one sleep through the noise in the stadium? I have no idea, we are getting his ears checked this week. After he woke up he was basically done sitting in the sun cramped in 1 seat so we ended up at the tailgate to watch the end of the game. The eldest did make it into the 3rd quarter when he wanted to leave to come play more washers in the parking lot.

Lessons learned:

Get to sleep early before game day- I remember 2 guys in college with the bright idea to stay up drinking all night and then roll into an 11 kickoff. They made it to about 8 in the morning and sold their tickets for $5 so you'd think I'd know this already.

Don't introduce your kids to tailgate washers, as it's addicting.

Next time just take the wife and leave to kids with the grandparents.

I spend the better part of the evening looking for any good news on the defense... but hey the offense looked good!


Nebraska Football Report Card: Huskers 59, South Dakota State Jackrabbits 20 - Corn Nation

Overall: D+ The offense was fine, especially considering playing the backup quarterbacks.  The defense, however, was bad.  Again.  And that's what's becoming alarming.

Hail Varsity Magazine – The Voice of Husker Nation: The Long Week Ahead

Which brings us to Important Quote No. 2: "I work in the business of getting it fixed and I take it as a challenge right now, to get this thing fixed. We’ll find the right combination and we’ll find a way.  I’ve always been able to do that and I feel confident we’ll be able to do it. I’ll get this fixed. Trust me there."Trust. That’s what this off week comes down to for Nebraska fans. They showed on Saturday that they were willing to trust Pelini when he said he didn’t really mean what he said about the fans on that Deadspin audio. Probably the smart move there.

Do you trust Pelini to get this fixed? Remember after Wisconsin 1 last year he said "you thought I forgot how to coach defense.'' And then Ohio State made you think he forgot how to coach defense all over again?

Yahoo Sports – Sports News, Scores, Rumors, Fantasy Games, and more

UCLA students held up a big sign that read 'Thank you Nebraska' acknowledging the classy pregame tribute to Pasquale from the Nebraska student section last week when the Bruins beat the Cornhuskers in Lincoln, Neb.

This. This is why I'm not offended or up in arms about those stupid signs outside the stadium. Yeah they don't need to be posted, but darn it we do some pretty neat things from time to time. Plus we are all pretty awesome people.

Chatelain: More blues for the Blackshirts -

On the second SDSU snap of the game, Papuchis said a linebacker (a quick look at the tape showed it was Nate Gerry) had man-to-man responsibility on the tight end. He didn't cover him. Cam Jones caught the ball for 16 yards. "There's no contingency for that as a coach," Papuchis said. "You have the tight end man-to-man. If he goes into the stands, you have him man-to-man. Go cover him. ...

Wow the coaches opened up. Poke around the other stories from the OWH or the LJS and the coaches really spell out what's going wrong, and they seem to be very frustrated on what to do about it.

Red Report: Back to the drawing board for Husker D : Latest Husker News

Most worrisome: The missed assignments weren’t just occasional, but routine. "Every single series, every single play, there was a guy here, a guy there, not doing what he was supposed to do," Kaczenski said. "That caused breakdowns across the board." Is two weeks enough time to do a decent fix-it on this defense? Maybe not. But it's better than one.

Shatel: Tommy looks good, but these Huskers are Taylor's team -

Don't get used to it. Martinez is expected back for Illinois in two weeks. Nebraska is 3-1 with eight conference games remaining. Martinez has been through the league wars. This defense has questions. The offense has answers. Taylor is its unquestioned leader.

Oh no you didn't. You can not be thinking about another QB. We are married to Taylor for better or worse! But what if he struggles again? Tommie looked so sexy (more so than Rexy?) out there... We know the offense HAS to score points for Nebraska to win... NO we love Taylor, T-Mart for Heisman remember? Remind us TaylorRemind us.

Seeing Nebraska Football Anew, Behind a Trombone -

I realized just how loud 85,000 people could be, and it hit me that after 18 years of observing college football from 40 rows up in the stadium, I was now part of the spectacle on the field.


Two late goals boost Husker past No. 14 Denver : Latest Husker News

I know Denver is ranked and they’re unbeaten, but we don’t want to see that as an upset,  because that’s where we’ll aspire to be and that’s where we want to be this season," Underwood said. "Going into the game, I think we thought we should’ve been the better team going in, and I think we showed that."

Did you know here at Corn Nation we cover Husker soccer? You didn't? Well check this out!

Husker Soccer Stuns #14 Denver! - Corn Nation


Did you know we also cover Volleyball? Yep here in house- stop in and see Ty sometime.

Husker Volleyball Battles to Five Set Loss in Texas - Corn Nation

No. 6 Texas tops NU in five sets : Latest Husker News

The deciding fifth set came down to a series of late mistakes by Nebraska and the relentless pressure created by the defending national champion Longhorns. NU had three service errors in the set and the Longhorns took advantage, a scenario from which Husker coach John Cook expects his team to grow.


I'm not linking to any other college football games from this weekend cause it was horrible. Like our defense bad. But let me ask you this. Gun to your head make a decision right now, would you hire Mac Brown for the head coach of Nebraska?(Given that Bo left for some reason or something).

Redskins name change not as easy as it sounds - ESPN

The 81-year-old Washington Redskins name is falling, and everybody better get out of the way. For the majority of Native Americans who don't care, we'll care for them. For the Native Americans who haven't asked for help, we're glad to give it to them. Trust us. We know what's best. We'll take this away for your own good, and put up barriers that protect you from ever being harmed again. Kind of like a reservation.

Thoughts on Native American names?

I'm ending on this cause it's awesome. And it has a cat on it.


First one that says anything about Nebraska not losing this weekend, or beating BYE gets banned.