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Corn Flakes: The Jackrabbit Boys Are Coming Again!

Your daily links of stuff you should know!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

What a week! Bleeping Bo Pelini, it's not quite over - we still have a game to play against South Dakota State.

If you'd like some fun, let's head back to 2010 and look at an article I did detailing five reasons why we'd lose to South Dakota State that includes some really horrible photoshopping. I used to do a pair of articles on Thursday/Friday - Five Reasons We'll Lose and Five Reasons We'll Win. Some people did not take the "reasons we'll lose" articles very well. I used to get nasty emails from people telling me what an idiot I was for thinking that we'd lose to someone. It was much fun - perhaps I should resurrect those.

The 2010 version of this game wasn't a stellar representation of Nebraska football. Our beloved Huskers won 17-3 and that did not make a lot of people very happy. Three years later, and I think we'll be please if our defense only gives up three points.

We will not be happy if the offense only scores 17.

Maybe I should do a new Friday article - "Five Reasons Why You Won't Be Happy After This Weekend".


Q&A with Rock M Nation about Indiana vs. Missouri - The Crimson Quarry

TCQ had the opportunity to find our brethren over at Missouri's SBNation site,, available for a small Q&A. One thing I can say with certainty about the entirety of that site is that they're enthusiastically hilarious.

Ahhh.... it's like old friends meeting new friends.

What we Need to See: Michigan vs UConn - Maize n Brew
Michigan travels east after narrowly escaping the jaws of death in Ann Arbor. What do we need to see from the team to put some of its game three blues behind us?

Previewing MSU at Notre Dame - The Only Colors
Keys to Saturday's game between Michigan State and Notre Dame.

Big Ten Hockey: Badgers open inaugural season as league favorites - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Nebraska doesn't have a hockey team. Well, we have a club team, but not a NCAA team. I'm going to keep reminding you until we get one.

State College, PA - Added Costs, Declining Revenue Hurting Penn State Athletics: University May Take Out $30 Million Loan

The head of Penn State's athletics department is painting a grim picture for the school's athletic programs immediate future, citing additional costs and declining revenue.

This does not look pleasant for Penn State.

Three B1G Questions: Who's the Legends Division Leader? Err.... frontrunner - Off Tackle Empire
Everybody's screwing up in the Legends Division, Nebraska is weird, and how does the B1G look vs. the Pac-12 after a week they went 1-2* against their Western foes?


Report: Texas regent spoke with Nick Saban's agent about Longhorns job - Burnt Orange Nation

A long-rumored conversation between representatives for Texas and Alabama head coach Nick Saban actually happened back in January, according to an AP Report, as well as a meeting with Mack Brown about retiring. NICK SABAN TO TEXAS! TELL YOUR MOM!

Two Division III teams will play for a hairy troll trophy this weekend - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Since this week’s slate of games isn’t exactly awe-inspiring, a couple games outside of the FBS are getting notice, including one very special game from the Division III Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference between Concordia University and St. Olaf College.

This is just kind of weird.

HuskerMath's Week 3 Model Recap and Week 4 Picks - Football Study Hall

In Week 2 the model correctly predicted 82.5% of games. Things weren't quite so rosy in Week 3, with the model correctly predicting only 71.6% of games.

Our own Paul Dalen does this on a weekly basis. "Only 71.6% of games" - holy crap. Were I even close to this I might consider betting. Actually, no I wouldn't. Still, 71.6%. Wow.


McCUTCHEON: Huskers ripe for a Jackrabbit picking | The Daily Republic

First, Nebraska’s once -daunting defense has looked more like Swiss cheese so far this season. The "Black Shirts" are allowing an alarming 463 yards per game in three contests, with all of those games being played at home.

What the hell is "jackrabbit picking"?

Practice report, Sept. 19: Martinez doubtful for Saturday, Armstrong would likely start |
Taylor Martinez - doubtful!