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Monday Night Game Thread: FSU vs Pittsburgh

FSU takes on Pittsburgh, and there's still things you need to get off your chest about Saturday, right?

Can the Seminoles live up to the hype this year?
Can the Seminoles live up to the hype this year?
Stacy Revere

There's a sole game on today - tonight's game between Florida State and Pittsburgh at 7:00 PM on ESPN. It's Pitt's first game as an ACC member after spending the last 22 years in the Big East.

Why watch?

Because it's Monday Night Football that doesn't involve the NFL, that's why! You still need to get some things off your chest from Saturday, and because FSU has a potential sensation in redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston. He's a dual-threat guy, and you'll need to see him to figure out if he's the next Johnny Football, Bo Jackson, or that one guy who never lived up to the hype.

FSU is favored by 10.5 points.

The Seminoles have a 3-5 record against Pitt and have lost the last three. What's the catch? The last time these teams faced each other was in 1983.

Other items that may be of interest:

- Feeling any better about the Nebraska - Wyoming game?

- How was your Labor Day Weekend, games or otherwise?

- Any impressions from other week one games you may have re-watched?